3 Causes of Developing Toenail Fungus

Similar to many other skin problems, nail infections and the thickening of nails are the problems which have become common these days. People complain about the thickening of their toenails which basically occurs because of some sort of fungal infection. This simply leads to the breaking of their toenails into small parts while sleeping. Apart from the thickening, infected nails can easily be distorted or deformed which in the later stages cause a lot of pain. Hence, it is highly important to detect the causes of toenails fungal infection in order to prevent the thickening of nails at a later stage of time.

Walking Bare Foot

Due to the thriving of toenails in warm, moist environments, they are more susceptible to fungal infections. Onychomycosis is a common type of infection which occurs in toenails and leads to thickening of nails. Most of the people develop the toenail fungus because of walking barefoot on the roads and floors. This simply leads to developing fungal and yeasts infection in the toenails which later causes a lot of pain and leads to thickening of nails. https://www.mikitiaseis.gr/mikites-sta-podia/ is one such source which provides an excellent knowledge about detecting symptoms of fungus in nails and the appropriate treatment for it.

Constant Exposure to Wet Areas

Another reason for developing toenail fungus is the constant exposure of toenails to wet areas. The mistake that most of the people make is that they don’t keep their toenails dry and expose them to dirty wet areas. It results in the damage of toenails due to the development of fungal infections. It is important to dry the nails completely after taking a bath or visiting a wet area. This way, it is possible to prevent the development of fungal infection.

Constricted Footwear

One of the reasons which lead to fungal infection in toenails is the use of constricted footwear on a daily basis. If a person wears shoes smaller than his size then the chances of developing fungus due to sweating are very high. Apart from infection, constricted footwear can also lead to foot damage and deformity of the foot.

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