3 Lifestyle Changes a Person Should Make to Prevent Dementia

Dementia is a disease which involves impairment of cognitive brain functions and it normally occurs in the old age people. However, in today’s time, this disease is becoming common among the middle age group of people and there are plenty of reasons for the growing influence of this disease. If one makes certain changes in one’s lifestyle, one can prevent falling a victim to dementia in the old age. In this post, we have mentioned the major changes that every person should make in order to avoid Dementia in the long run.

Regular Exercise and Meditation

It has been proved in many studies that doing regular exercise and meditation offers a number of benefits for the brain. Hence, it is important for everyone to maintain a regular routine to do exercise on a daily basis. This will help to prevent a person prevent falling a victim to Dementia in the old age. Doing regular exercise and meditation helps to produce neurons in the brain which increases the ability to focus and improve memory to a great extent.

Proper Sleep and Listening to Music

Another factor which helps to improve the cognitive functions of the brain is taking proper sleep at nights. During sleep, our brain repairs itself and produce necessary neurons for its proper functioning. And one can try sleeping in the sun as the synthesis of Vitamin D in the presence of sunlight helps to clear the plaque buildup in the brain. Listing to music can also help to relax our brain which eventually contributes to increasing its performance. For old age people suffering from the disease, the electronic device Alexa can help in order to ensure timekeeping with dementia to facilitate communication with other people.

Avoid Stress and Keep Learning New things

One of the best ways to avoid falling a victim to Dementia disease is to prevent stressful situations in life. Stress causes a loss of damage to our brain which leads to poor memory and impairment of cognitive function. Hence, it is important to remain stress-free by engaging with people in the social environment on a daily basis. Learning new things on a regular interval also helps our brain to stay active and busy which helps to prevent Dementia disease in the old age.

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