3 Ways to Remove a Hickey

Going home with the hickey or love bites on your neck or arms can definitely invite more marks like punch marks, kick marks, swollen skin due to hits of baseball bat and many more depending upon the physical health of your wife or girlfriend. Well hickey marks are embarrassing even if you are going home to meet your parents. Once spotted, you will have to answer a never ending series of questions.

Better idea is to get rid of a hickey as soon as possible. The purplish love bite marks occur due to aggressive kissing, sucking or biting on the softer skin areas like face, neck and arms. It can also occur on your chest near the neck if the aggression and passion was out par. And once the hickey appears on your skin, it may take 7 to 12 days before they disappear naturally after getting fade gradually and daily.

But the question is: “Can you stay out of home for 7 to 12 days?” The answer is an instant “NO” because you can’t wait that long. And you want to get rid of these hickey as soon as possible. Good news is that there are several tips and home remedies for hickeys removal which are very effective in removing hickey or love bite marks from you skin much faster. Here below we’ll discuss most effective 3 ways to remove hickey from you skin so that you may go home with confidence.

Cosmetic Concealer

You must keep in mind that there’s no instant solution for hickey or love bites but yes you can reduce the prominence of these marks using the remedies we’ll discuss later in this post. For instant removal of hickey from you skin, you can use cosmetic foundation concealers easily available from any cosmetic store.  Find a nearby cosmetic shop and grab a foundation concealer matching your skin tone. Now apply it on the marks and mix it with your skin so that it may not be easily visible. It will not actually remove the hickey but it will conceal it till you find the better solution or till it disappears naturally.

Ice Cubes

Another instant solution that is said to be the most effective to remove a hickey is the ice cube. Most of blogs here claim that ice cubes can remove the hickey completely within five to ten minutes but that’s not true. It lightens the love bite marks but doesn’t remove completely. But yes the result is considerably magical. Take an ice cube or any frozen vegetable bag and place it on the affected skin for at least five to eight minutes. It may feel hard but just think about the consequences if your wife sees these love bites and hopefully then you’ll find a reason to enjoy these five minutes.

Tooth Brush

Instant solutions to remove a hickey are normally painful but these have instant results. You have read about ice cube and now it’s tooth brush. Take a tooth brush and rub it on the affected skin and the nearby skin. It will not remove the hickey but it will help you mixing it with your skin by spreading it. Rub your skin with toothbrush for few minutes and then wait few minutes till redness of skin fade. Now apply ice cube to get more magic.

Our first advice is not to cheat your wife but even if you get a hickey on your skin, try these 3 ways to remove a hickey. Good Luck!

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