3 Workouts you can do if you live near a Lake

Exercising is often boring. If you are not heavily dedicated to fitness, you will not enjoy exercising in gym or similar place.

But, exercising is necessary to keep your body fit. And if you happen to live in a place that is located near to a lake or an ocean, then you are in for a great adventure in the name of exercise. A water body offers you numerous opportunities to keep yourself fit and healthy, while making exercise a fun activity for you.

Here are few workouts which you can carry out near the lake or similar water body, and ensure that you stay fit and healthy.


Nothing can be a better option to stay fit than swimming. While you enjoy the calm waters while swimming, you also tend to keep your heart healthy with this exercise. The calm waters have a positive effect on brain while you swim.

And in this workout, your whole body is doing the exercise. You don’t have to carry out separate exercises for each part of your body. With swimming, your whole body, along with your heart, is doing the exercise. Swimming is a perfect way to fit cardio in your daily life. And nothing can be a better exercise to stay fit than the cardio.


Kayaking is another great sport to carry out on the waters. While in swimming, you have to immerse your body in the waters, kayaking allows you to stay fit while staying above the waters. This is especially helpful when the water is not too clean to go for swimming.

Also, with this activity, your whole body is doing the exercise. From building your arm muscles, to core strength and strong grip, kayaking helps you go through each important exercise. It also keeps your heart healthy and lower body strong. Overall, the benefits of kayaking overpower swimming due to the person staying over the waters and still having a healthy workout routine.

And that has led to many people have their own inflatable kayaks, which many websites like oshaun.com provide, and go for kayaking trips way too often, if not living by the lake.


This is another popular workout that is carried out in the lake. Here, though not much muscles are used, but the lower body effectively develops due to all the focus put on paddling in the waters. And yes, that means if you have to go for boating, you have to take a manual boat where you paddle yourself, instead of a motor boat. That would make a much better exercise routine if you have to carry that out regularly.

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