4 Reasons Why Men Gain Extra Weight

Like women, men are also very susceptible to overweight due to their poor lifestyle. The primary reason for weight gain is taking more calories and doing less physical activities. But some people complain of gaining more weight even when they are doing physical activities.

Many kinds of researches have revealed that people do not realize they eat more on weekends, and it tends to consume more calories. Those extra calories can add weight more quickly. Let’s take a deeper look at reasons behind why men gain more weight.

Consuming Too Much Salt

Salt is the formation of sodium and it causes our body to retain water. Water is good for our body but due to salt, it takes more volume. So when a man eats a lot of salty food for several days, the volume to retain water increases in the body. This causes men to look overweight. Restaurant food is loaded with more sodium and it is a primary reason to consume more salt. You might have also noticed that the people who are working in restaurants and hotels look more overweight as compared to others.

One way to deal with this is to look out for an efficient men’s fat loss workout plan and give that a serious try.

New Medication

Every physical and mental illness has a different kind of medication. Sometimes people lose weight or sometimes gain extra weight after following the medication, especially new medication. The new medication can cause up to 15 percent of obesity cases. Depression medication and heart disease drugs are the biggest reason among men to gain extra weight.

Eating and Drinking More

This is the most obvious reason to gain extra weight. Consuming a large number of calories for several days can lead to a five to ten-pound weight increment. Alcohol consumption is also a reason behind excessive weight gain. It contains calories like food and if you are consuming alcohol consistently, you may put on weight.

Not Working Out

Our body is like a mechanical machinery. It requires a body to be physically active, otherwise, it gets slower and out of operation. Consuming a lot of calories every day and doing nothing much to strengthen or move your muscles can cause excessive body weight. Making a habit of exercising daily for one hour does not cause your body to gain extra weight through fat.

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