5 Exercises for People with a Desk Job

More than 50% of this world’s population has desk jobs. No matter what field you are in, you tend to spend most of your time sitting on the desks and doing your job. Now whether this is on a laptop, computer, or a file and paper, desk jobs can be extremely tiring.

But more than tiring, they have severe effect on your health. Your posture and bones are affected the most when you sit in the same position for most of the time. Don’t forget the added tensions and headache due to this posture.

Can you do something about that?

Definitely yes!

No matter what field you are in, be it SEO services such as RankToday, or eCommerce services such as Amazon, you definitely need some health tips to take care of while at the desks.

Here I am listing down some exercises you can do if you have desk jobs. They will keep your body and muscles active no matter how long you work.


Sitting on a chair, you can easily do desk dips to strengthen your triceps. Not only your triceps move, your legs are also making movement, thereby preventing them from going stiff.

Torso Twist

Twist your body while sitting on the chair. For this, place your left hand on right knee and twist to the right, and vice versa. This exercise is good for your torso.

Toe Raises

Your feet might turn stiff and numb because of same posture for a long time. So make it a habit to do some toe raises every hour to keep the blood flowing through your body. Simple stand on your place, and raise your toes for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times every hour.

Leg Lift

Just like toes, your legs also need some movement to prevent your knees from damaging. This is good for your lower abdominal, as well as your legs. Raise your leg one by one in front of you and flex your toes and muscles. This will relax you a lot.

Side Bend

This exercise is also really good for your torso. It will stretch your shoulders, as well as your sides. Your neck stress will also be released if you do this exercise every few hours. For this, place your left hand on your right ankle, and do the vice versa too.

Repeat these exercises at regular intervals and you will find a great change in your lifestyle. You will also start staying happy more often.

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