Blawzy: Helping You Pull Through Sexual Assault and Trauma

All it takes is 98 seconds and someone will be sexually assaulted in the United States. On a daily basis, not less than 570 people experience some form of sexual violence. The reality is that sexual violence and assault is everywhere, it permeates every culture. From the White House, to College campuses, Stadia, and even at the Olympics. Sexual violence is deeply rooted in our culture, and it’s becoming an acceptable norm on a daily basis. Since 1998, close to 18 million people have experienced sexual assault and violence. Interestingly, 99% of the perpetrators of sexual violence and assault are walking free. What we are unaware of is that 13% of this sexual assault and violence victims will attempt suicide at some point.

The tragic incident is that despite the growing numbers, the victims and survivors are without a support system. Due to the trauma and stigma that comes with this assault and violence, there is usually no means to report these incidents.

How Blawzy Will Bring Succor and Closure To Sexual Assault Victims

When the #MeToo movement surfaced, it helped thousands of victims to share their stories and this helped give closure. However, such platform doesn’t open up every day, there is a need for a system that allows for these victims to;

  • Document and report a traumatic sexual violence incident
  • Have a support system and community to lean on in their trying times
  • Creating a connection between survivors with the needed mental and legal experts.

It’s all about providing support and help for these individuals. They need it and usually don’t get it, which is why Blawzy is here to fill this gap. A time and date stamped report which will never fall into the wrong hands due to the encryption technology adopted.

What Else Does Blawzy Offer

What if you are able to share all you are going through within a community of like mind without being judged, labelled or shamed. This is exactly what Blawzy offers, an avenue to bare your mind, share experiences and find peace.

More importantly, Blawzy also allows you to seek mental and legal help for free. You don’t have to break the bank before being able to attract the right help you need. Blawzy allows you to help someone that needs help as being a survivor, you can offer a helping hand to someone who truly needs it anonymously.

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