Know About the Causes of Menstruation Nausea

What is Menstruation Nausea/Cramps?

Women during the time of their menstrual cycle go through a number of problems. These include most common problems of menstrual cramps to unusual ones like nausea. Well, not every woman deals with nausea. One might have mild pain, or some may get severe issues like vomiting and diarrhea. The level of discomfort and pain may vary with the day count.

Menstruation nausea causes problems like headaches- menstruation migraines; blur sightedness, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea. These might not be a permanent symptom of Premenstrual Syndrome or commonly called as PMS but is severely uncomfortable and painful. Nausea may lead one to unable to concentrate on any other activities but the pain. Hence these days are much difficult for a woman to move on.

Women suffer from menstruation nausea because of the lifestyle in which they live, their dietary and healthy habits. One of the basic reasons is the hormonal change. That is why a young girl who is undergoing her initial days or beginning of periods suffers more symptoms of Nausea. Though it is a common phenomenon, one needs to pay attention to any unusual pain as it may be an indication of some serious health issues too. In the case of diarrhea and nausea also one must not ignore as it can lead to poor health situation in these three days.

What Are The Symptoms of Nausea?

Nausea occurs during the menstruations, therefore often PMS is tagged the culprit by people. However, not always PMS is to be blamed but some serious sources cause nausea.

First of all, one should get through when you need to consult a doctor with relation to nausea and what symptoms are common and can be taken care of with few care and precautions. It can remove many issues and doubts as far as nausea is concerned during the period.

If one suffers from headaches, and a lot of women suffer nausea with the symptom of a severe stomachache. There occurs a situation called ‘dysmenorrhea’ where nausea and vomiting are accompanied by severe headaches, cramps, and abdominal pain. It is the situation when a woman must consult a gynecologist immediately.

During the menstrual cycle, a woman often suffers from cramping, abdominal pain, and backache, which are common, especially during the first two days. Perhaps the most common symptom of the problems might not be nausea but severe pain and menstrual cramps. Hence one has to observe the situation carefully and decide accordingly.

What Are The Causes of Menstruation Nausea?

Before you treat a particular pain or symptom you need to know why it is occurring to you. What are the causes of menstruation nausea? Below we discuss with you the five causes of menstruation nausea.

Hormonal Imbalance:

Nausea when occurs with menstruation cycle it is mostly due to the formation of gastric juice that is secreted by your stomach, which also carries hydrochloric acid with itself. This secretion of acid and gastric juice occurs due to the hormonal level changing inside the body during periods. The secretion of such acids may result to nausea and regular vomiting. Hence in case of significant imbalance of hormones, one needs to seek medical intervention immediately.

Emotional Stress:

During the menstruation cycle, you experience PMS, which also causes mood swings and results to emotional stress. So, if you are going through intense emotional stress due to some personal and tragic issues that will cause nausea. During the periods, experiencing extreme stress also causes a loss of appetite resulting in nausea. Hence the emotional imbalance is a common sign, but one must not neglect it. Rather one needs to calm down and relax which can help to control the emotions and behavior under stress also.

Gastrointestinal Stress:

During periods one goes through some changes like cramping, feel of vomiting, and diarrhea, which are the primary symptoms of nausea. Mostly these symptoms don’t last more that 24 hours, but if they do, it might be a sign of something serious and hence need to see a doctor on a priority basis.


The next source for causes of nausea is pain during periods. Most women complain of severe pain I the lower abdomen. During this pain, one does not feel anything right and is impossible to concentrate on other activities. The prostaglandins, that release from the inner walls of the uterus, leads to extremely painful contractions. This makes a release of more gastric juice and after that hydrochloric acid. All this as a result causes nausea. Though it is not unusual, if persists long one may need to see a gynecologist.

Menstrual Migraines:

After the common causes of headaches and vomiting, menstrual migraines is also the cause of nausea. Menstrual migraines are caused due to the alteration of hormonal levels. Intake of caffeine and beverages during period causes menstruation migraines, which lead to nausea.

When does Menstruation Nausea become a Serious Issue?

Nausea when occurring during menstruation is an issue of concern. Especially when nausea is long lasting, then it is a concern of medication. If a woman has started to occur in recent times and which is now regular, then it is the high time she should concern a doctor.

Treatment of Nausea:

Nausea can be treated in some ways during her menstruation cycle. A simple antacid tablet or gel is very useful to some of the women. At home, you could treat nausea with ginger tea or mint tea, which causes a great relief in treating nausea. Sometimes it might be recommended to take some painkillers for treating the pain that occurs during nausea. Using hot water bottle for treating cramps and abdominal pains that occur in nausea provides relief.  When a woman gets rid of the abdominal pain, she is also relieved with nausea.

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