Does Hiking Affect Your Mental Health?

Backpacking is an incredible way to see the world while you exercise. Yes! You get enormous benefits from a backpacking or hiking trip. Not only the body but a good hiking trip can benefit your mental health too.

Hiking Affecting Mental Health

It is no more hidden how when one is physically fit, one gets to reap the benefits of exercise mentally too. Physical activity releases endorphins that eventually release stress and anxiety in the body and makes you happier. We cannot overlook these benefits while hiking. When you are hiking in nature you not only are physically doing a task but you are also noticing the wonders of nature, smelling and listening to nature. This sends happy waves inside the body and mind and relaxes you.

The excursion with the best backpacking gear leaves one relaxed and joyful thus generally the hikers are happier and healthier  people. It helps with one’s self esteem too. Stress is lowered and it affects the overall wellbeing of the person. The negative thoughts and feelings of low esteem almost evaporate when you are in the arms of nature. The air is fresher and there is energy in the atmosphere on which you can thrive. Backpacking has restorative powers that reduces stress which helps in coping with everyday challenges life throws at us.

Do You Have Time For Long Hikes?

Many people will give a negative answer for this. We want to do it but we don’t have time to manage a hike in our schedule. Worry not! Because you need not go on a long trip through the woods to reap the benefits of a hike. Short hikes are equally beneficial to start with. Wherever you are, plan a short hike at a nearby hill or forest and improve your mental health. It is not as difficult as it seems.

In fact, start with a partner or a group of friends. It will help you get interested in the activity and also build momentum. A group hiking plan or a hike with a partner will also benefit your relationship. Even a short hike of 90 minutes can give a happy boost to your brain, and help combat problems with depression.

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