Home Remedies to Stop Dry Heaving Naturally

Have you ever felt like vomiting but nothing has come out even after trying for long? Or do you have nausea and vomiting sensations frequently? You might be suffering from something known as Dry Heaving. Dry heaving, often known as retching, is a physical condition where you feel like vomiting. This might be due to the momentary air supply cut off and contraction of your diaphragm. Getting this feeling on a regular basis can be horrible. You don’t need to try numerous medications. A lot of home remedies can cure the problem of dry heaving these days. Home remedies are easy to follow and have fewer side effects compared to drug intake. In this article, we suggest you some ways to stop dry heaving using home remedies.

Let us take a look at the reasons why we get dry heaving.

Reasons for Dry Heaving

There are certain kind of situations, behavior or diseases that lead to dry heaving.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD):

A disease, commonly known as acid reflux results in the voluntary or involuntary return of partially digested food. This results in slow swallowing of food and can cause dry heaving.

Anxiety or Stress:

A prevalent symptom for most of the physical problems that we get nowadays. Stress and anxiety can affect your nervous system and your gastrointestinal system which might result in dry heaving.

Food Poisoning:

Any food poisoning due to bacterial or fungal infection or any other cause can lead to dry heaving. This is because your internal digestive gets damaged temporarily and you get nausea and vomiting sensations time and again.


Funny isn’t it? But it is true that exercising can lead to dry heaving. As they say, too much of everything is bad. If you suddenly start exercising at a great pace, it will result in dry heaving. Again, if you exercise with a full stomach or after a heavy lunch, that will cause dry heaving.

Some Medications:

Often, when you are under some treatment or medication, it is common that you get vomiting sensations. Medicines prescribed to overcome anxiety or depression might lead to dry heaving.

Excess Alcohol Consumption:

Drinking in excess can also be a cause of dry heaving. This is the reason that it is always advisable to eat and drink together. Drinking on an empty stomach can lead to dry heaving as well.


Pregnancy and dry heaving go hand in hand. Morning sickness is prevalent in the initial stage of pregnancy. This can be because you are empty stomach or because of hormonal changes in your body.

Apart from this, other reasons like cancer treatment, some gastrointestinal problems, pancreatitis and severe kidney or liver problems can cause dry heaving.

Home Remedies to Stop the Problem of Dry Heaving

Following are a few tips you can use on your own to cure dry heaving.

Maintain a Proper Diet

As we have already discussed, dry heaving can be caused when your stomach is upset. This calls for a proper diet where you would eat light and less spicy food. Foods which can be easily digested are recommended.

Use Ginger or Cinnamon

Known for their medicinal properties, you can use ginger or cinnamon to get rid of the retching feeling. You can also increase the consumption of ginger by boiling it in water and drinking a cup of fresh ginger tea. Cinnamon can be boiled in water and taken as well.

Peppermint Freshness

Peppermint is known for its freshness and rejuvenating properties. All you need to do is tear some mint leaves, boil it in water ad have it. Your stomach will get relief, and the dry heaving sensations will reduce.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

This is the best thing anyone can do. Drink a lot of water whenever you get dry heaves. This will either help you to vomit and reduce the uneasiness or help you to calm down and feel fresh. You can also have clear fluids soup broth, juices and rice water.

Avoid Excess of Anything

While you shouldn’t drink in excess, consumption of an excess amount of caffeine products should be reduced as they lead to anxiety and stress. Don’t over exercise or put excess stress on your body. Get sufficient amount of sleep to avoid dry heaving problems. You should rest when you feel nauseous.

When do You Need to Visit a Doctor?

Dry heaving is something that can usually be treated at home. However, if you feel that it isn’t stopping after a time, you should visit a doctor. Again, at times you have other problems along with dry heaving that might include chest pain, increase in your blood pressure or blood vomiting. These are the times you need to visit a doctor immediately.

However, in general, home remedies might solve the problem of dry heaving.

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