Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats

The mite whose place of residence is ears of the animals and human is called as Ear mite. If the size of ear mites is considered, then they are tiny. These creatures are just like the crab, who finds their food on dead skin cells and the blood of the cat is being drunk by them. Here, we have to deal with ear mites in cats. If the cat has access to outdoor, then it supposes to be grabbed by ear mites. The most common mites among cats can be categorized as Otodectes cynotis. The cat has a probability of getting grabbed by ear mites if these mites find the conditions which are ideal for reproduction and food sources. If any other animal is attacked by ear mites, then these ear mites can be transferred to the cat due to contact with it (another animal).

The symptoms of ear mites in cats are redness in the ears, unstoppable urge to scratch the ears, head tilting to the side for the long periods of time, and black or reddish brown build-up in the ears. They can be accompanied by pain and sensitivity while touching, waxy build-up (insignificant amount), musty and strong odor, an unusual amount of handshaking, inflammation, crusty and thick discharge, Brown and black waxy secretion and crusted or scabby ears.  Due to these little parasites (ear mites) the cat started to tell-tale scratching which reveals the need for treatment. We can keep cat free from irritation and torment by removing ear mites through home remedies. The home remedies of ear mites in cats can be described in the following manner.

Apply Garlic And Olive Oil Mixture


The first and the foremost home remedy for treating ear mites in cats is to use garlic and olive oil mixture directly. Garlic has antibacterial properties, and olive oil has moisturizing effects, when the antibacterial properties and moisturizing effects are combined in the mixture of garlic and olive oil then proves to be a healing agent which is gentle for scabby and raw ears of the cat. The garlic has a characteristic odor that can have a lethal effect on mites, and the olive oil can help to keep the ears moist and remove the adult as well as eggs of the mites. The elimination of ear mites in cats is carried out by the olive oil with wax also. You just need to drop a few drops of the mix in the ear and massage nearby areas of ears gently. This can offer immediate relief to cat from itching and scratching. The garlic and olive oil can also help open wounds to heal faster.

Therefore, the mixture of garlic and olive oil is good for the health of cats without any sort of side-effect on them. You can get the desired result in a couple of weeks if this remedy is used twice in a week.

Apply Honey


If the cat is come across with ear mites, then there occur scratching which causes wounds or tears. These tears or injuries can be cured by naturally occurring properties which are a part of honey.  There is also the presence of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents which aids in healing these tears or wounds. If we want to eliminate any adult ear mite, then we have to apply honey directly. It has soothing effects on the skin and fur. The stickiness of honey can suffocate the mites, and in a few weeks, the ear mites can be completely removed with the help of this remedy. We can also prevent the further development of larvae or eggs by applying honey directly. Therefore, honey is well suited for the health of the cat without any fear of any side-effect on it.

Apply Vaseline

The next home remedy to eliminate ear mites in cats is to use Vaseline directly. Vaseline is the best solution to reduce adult ear mites by making the condition unsuitable for food sources and reproduction. As it provides the moisture, it boosts up the healing process with respect to tears or wounds caused by scratching (due to the presence of ear mites in the cats). Applying Vaseline directly to the cat proves to be a great relief if ear mites grab it (cat). Therefore, the most efficient solution which does not comprise any side-effect is to apply Vaseline directly to the ears of the cat.

Use Aloe Vera

aloe vera

The most suitable natural product which is free from any side-effect is Aloe Vera. It is the boon for the health of the cat.  It not only removes ear mites in cats but is responsible for removing treating fleas in cats. Cat use to face the pain of wounds which is the result of scratching caused by ear mites in the cat. These wounds can be healed by moisture which is provided to the cat by applying Aloe Vera directly on the ears of the cat. If we want to avoid the returning of ear mites, then this plant is very useful. You can get an Aloe Vera gel also from the market which is readily available and apply it directly to the affected areas. This remedy is completely free from side effects, and even if the liquid is spread to any other body part of the pet, it will not have any adverse effect. Hence as an owner, you can apply it freely.

Apply Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

The remains of tough shelled algae are bound to form a natural rock to which we call diatomaceous earth. If we want to combat the ear mites in cats, then the great agent who solves the purpose is diatomaceous earth. The ear mites which are newly hatched or belong to the adult species are killed by the food grade diatomaceous earth. But, eggs are not killed by this remedy. It is required to be applied directly to the ears of cat for providing the treatment without any side-effect. This treatment should be carried out for one month to get the better results. It is also useful in providing treatment for fleas in cats.

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide

Due to ear mites in cats there occur scratching which can cause infection. Hydrogen peroxide reduces the chances and effects of infection. If the cat comes across with ear mites, then it develops debris and build-up of wax in the ears. Hydrogen peroxide prevents this debris and build-up of wax. For providing safe treatment, this hydrogen peroxide is required to be applied directly to the ears of the cats. A cotton ball has to be soaked with the hydrogen peroxide. This soaked cotton ball is allowed to be wiped gently inside the ears of the cat. To make the cat free from ear mites we have to continue this treatment twice a day. There are various brands of this liquid is available, but for this purpose, one can use any branded or non-branded liquid also.

Apply white Vinegar Directly

If ear mites grab a cat, then it is bearded by dirt and debris in its ears. White vinegar removes this dirt and debris due to its acidic properties. A healthy equilibrium is maintained in the ears by white vinegar. If it is allowed to get contact with an adult or adolescent ear mites, then it can kill them (adult or adolescent ear mites). We have to take a small dish to add white vinegar to it. For dilution, this vinegar is allowed to be added to warm water. Then, the cotton ball is soaked in the content. We have to carry out gentle wiping of cotton balls in the ears and do the massage at the base. We have to carry out this treatment for seven days (once per day) to get the desired result. White vinegar is also used to treat fleas on cats. However, while using this option, you need to be careful as if the cat has open wounds it must not be applied else it can spread the wound that can lead to increase in pain of the pet.

Keep the Cage and Bed of Cat Clear

The cleanliness of a pet is almost a must. Hence to maintain the cat free from ear mites also cleanliness in and around the areas wherever cat moves are necessary. The cage in which it rests and bed where it sleeps are the areas where a majority of the time you can find it. Once infected by the mites these are the areas where the bugs can shelter and develop which can be a big trouble for your pet. It is much important to use quality disinfectant for cleaning the cage and wash the bed of the pet with quality detergent so that they can be completely free from the mites. Frequent changing of place for keeping the cage and material for bed can also prove much helpful to maintain the ear mites away from the cat.

Apply Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has a quality disinfectant that can kill the bugs present in ears easily and free the pet from scratching ears frequently. The application of sanitizer is also easy, and one just needs to take a few drops of sanitizer in hand and apply it to the ears of the pet as well as the surrounding areas of the same. This application just doesn’t kill the present mites but also keep other mites away from developing. It also acts faster, and hence one who watches the cat with the severe trouble of mites can use this option easily to free the pet from the trouble in just a few minutes. There is no specific type of sanitizer required usually, all the sanitizers can have this quality in them.

Apply Almond with Vitamin E

For the application of this remedy, one needs to have a mix of Almond and Vitamin E. The combination is easy to use and quite useful to remove the adult mites present in and around the ears. You just need to mix the almond to Vitamin E in a vessel and fill a dropper with the mix. Just drop the mix in the ears of the cat and also massage it gently so that the wax can come out and also the ear mites. Gently clean the ears with the help of a cotton ball so that the bugs can be removed and ears can be cleared. For the practical result you should try this remedy once in every week, and in a short span, your loving pet will be completely free from mites.

Use Mineral Oil

As per some researchers, the use of mineral oil can be much helpful to remove the ear mites easily. This oil is known for moisturizing the ears that can help to heal the ears where the pet has suffered due to insects. Just a gentle massage of this oil on the ears can remove the bugs from ears in just a couple of weeks.

Apply Sulphur

The liquid sulfur is also known as an effective remedy for eat mites in cats. It has a characteristic odor which kills the mites, and gentle application of the same can remove the mites from ears also. It also helps the cat to relieve pain and offer quality healing from irritation and itching due to ear mites. One can get quality sulfur and get a bottle from the nearby chemist’s shop. The method of application of sulfur is also too simple, and the result it offers is surprising.

Thus, for cats when grabbed by ear mites, it is a very painful situation when it gets wounded by just scratching the ears with its paws. Human is the sensible and intelligent living creature and can cure himself or herself but cats are not sensible, and they cannot cure themselves. It is the human who can treat them (ear mites in the cats) by adopting the above-written home remedies.

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