Natural Home Remedies For Ear Mites in Dogs

The parasites which are tiny in size and have eight legs and are responsible for making the dog ill are called as ear mites in dogs. This illness includes infection in the canal of the ears, irritation, inflammation and pain. The parasite which affects the dogs commonly is Otodectes Cynotis. There is the availability of oils and wax in the ears of the dog on which this parasite use to survive. The symptoms of ear mites in dogs are head shaking, excessive rubbing and scratching of the ear. The pet may also itch of the ears, head, and neck, abrasions, and scratches on the back side of the ears, strong odor, brown or black waxy selection, inflammation and obstruction of the ear canal with coffee ground-like discharge. As the size of ear mites is so small, therefore, it is difficult to observe them with the naked eyes. If we use an otoscope to consider the ears of the dog, then we can see these mites. If we take the sample of the wax from the ear of the dog and use a microscope to look into it, then we can confirm their presence (ear mites). Ear mites are transferable from one dog to another dog. If one dog has ear mites and another dog has physical contact with it (dog having ear mites), then another dog can be grabbed by the ear mites. Ear mites in dogs are harmful to the people around them. Ear mites in dogs are not the significant threat; their treatment is available easily. Here some of the home remedies for treating ear mites in dogs which can help the owners.

White Vinegar

The first and foremost treatment which is carried out to remove ear mites in the dogs is to apply white vinegar directly to the ears of the dogs. If the dog is the part of ear mites, then these ear mites leave dirt and debris in the ears of the dogs. This debris can be removed by the acidity possess by the white vinegar. It ensures to maintain the healthy equilibrium in the ears of the dog. If there is a contact between adult or adolescent ear mites and vinegar, then this connection leads to the death of these adult or adolescent ear mites.  First of all, mix white vinegar with water. Just pour half of the content into the ears of the pet. We have to do the massage in a gentle manner. First, soak the cotton ball in the bowl. Then, we have to wipe the inner area of the ear of the dog by using this cotton ball. This treatment is provided to the dog daily for one week.

Aloe Vera

The plant of Aloe Vera looks like a cactus. The areas which support its growth are subtropical and tropical countries in the Caribbean, South America, and South Africa. If we want to give a soothing, safe and effective relief in the ears of the dogs, then Aloe Vera is the best home remedy. It is very useful to moisturize any inflamed or scabbed skin of the dog. The Aloe Vera leaves are supposed to be break off. Now swipe the gel from the leaves with the help of a cotton ball. This process of treatment is carried out daily for one week. Aloe Vera is the boon for the health of both dog and human beings.

Corn Oil

The next home remedy to make the dog free from ear mites is corn oil. The best benefit of corn oil for the dog is that it makes the ear mites to get drown. If the skin of the ear of the dog is inflamed, then this oil is applied to the skin of the ear to heal the inflamed skin. It soothes the skin in the ear of the dog. The wounds which are due to ear mites can be healed up quickly through corn oil. Pour the corn oil (two-three drops) into the ears by using the eye dropper. Gentle massage is required to continue the treatment. By using a cotton swab, apply the corn oil to the outer ear. This cure should be provided to the dog daily for ten or more days. You will see a noticeable difference in just a few days after initiating this home remedy on your pet.

Boracic Acid

Boracic Acid is available in pharmacies, health food stores, and several larger shops. It proves to be the most common cure for removing ear mites in dogs. Usually, many owners and pet lovers prefer this remedy due to easy availability of te acid in the surroundings. Due to its strong antiseptic properties, it is helpful in healing infections caused due to ear mites. First of all, make the mixture of boracic acid and water. Then, this content is allowed to be used for cleaning and washing the ears of the dog. We have to continue this cure daily for two weeks. Therefore, boracic acid is a boon for the health of the dog. However, while using this remedy, you must take care that the pet does not lick it and the acid does not enter into the eyes as it can lead to serious health issues in such case.

Yellow Dock Root Extract

Yellow dock root extract is available in many organic food or health stores. It is another home remedy which helps a lot in curing ear mites in dogs. First of all, Prepare a mixture which contains nine drops of yellow dock root extract or tablespoon of warm water. Then, allow the eyedropper to fill halfway with the mixture. Using an eye dropper, pour the extract into the ears of the dog. We have to take the due care to avoid the chance by the dog to shake the mixture out, and for it, we have to do the massage of the ear of the dog gently. This treatment is required to be continued for at least six weeks to avoid the further reproduction of eggs of ear mites in dogs.

Honey to Get Rid of Ear Mites in Dogs

Now we will deal with the following home remedy of rooting out ear mites in dogs. It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help the dog to get rid of the ear mites in some days if used correctly.  To use honey as a home remedy, we should be aware of the fact that it should be pure, not artificial. Even it may not contain any added sugar. This is a natural substance which proves to be effective while healing dogs as it is both antiseptic and antibacterial. First of all, prepare the mixture of honey and water. Get an Injection and inject the mixture into the ear of the dog by using the bulb syringe gently. This treatment should be practiced for one month (three times a week). After one month, if we do not find the results, then continue the treatment until the betterment of condition.

Calendula to Treat Dogs Ear Mites

Calendula is a natural herb whose place of origin is Mediterranean region. This herb was introduced in the 13th century in Europe. It is the best home remedy for eliminating ear mites in dogs due to its anti-fungal properties. The dog suffering from ear mites can beard infections and wounds in the ears, and calendula cures these infections and wounds. First of all, make the mixture by adding 1 cup of calendula tea, 1 ounce of tea tree oil and two drops of lavender essential oil. Then, it is required to apply this mixture into the ears of the dog by using a bulb syringe. You need to persist this process of treatment for three to four weeks (three times a week). So many health benefits of Calendula are not only meant for dogs but also for human beings. It helps to improve the appearance of the skin. Calendula can reduce the discomfort of inflammation also. It has properties to solve the critical issue of the disorder of cancer also. It is good for the health of our vision. It proves to be the best cure for gingivitis. It avoids dandruff in our hairs.

Mineral Oil

The highly recommendable home remedy for treating ear mites in the dog is mineral oil. The basic reason for the dog to be indulged in the ear mites is that they (ear mites) find the conditions which support their feeding and reproduction. The mineral oil avoids These conditions, and also its contact with the adult or adolescent mites lead to their ((adult or adolescent) death. First of all, dab the cotton ball in mineral oil. Then, Clear the affected areas particularly the flaps of the ears of the dog with this oil. Keep following this remedy for one month (twice a week). Not only dogs enjoy the shower of its advantages, but human beings are also getting the gains of this remedy on health. This oil can cure a common disorder of constipation. If we use this oil, then our hairs are not grabbed by dandruff. It is helpful in treating dryness of skin.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is much known for its antibacterial properties. Usually, it is used to clean and clear the open wounds. For dogs, one can effectively use this chemical as some studies have shown that it can restrict the movement of the mites that lead to their death. In case your pet has scratched the ears because of itching, and there are wounds, this remedy can help to relieve the pain of wounds and heal them faster. The method to use this remedy is also very simple. One just needs to take a spoonful hydrogen peroxide and soak a cotton ball in it. Now apply the cotton ball directly to the ears where the mites develop. The chemical will have a quick effect and start killing the adult mites and remove the eggs. One needs to apply the liquid thrice in a week to have a quick result. However, it is important to note here that the liquid must not go to the eyes of the dog else it can cause severe damage to the eyes. Hence one has to be a little careful while using this remedy.

Garlic to Treat Ear Mites Naturally

This vegetable can prove much effective to remove any parasite and insect. The smell and properties of Garlic are much useful against ear mites in dogs also. The vegetable has allicin which is known as an anti-parasite compound, and hence one can use garlic against the ear mites in dogs. Once the mix is applied to the affected area, it can remove the mites, prevent the spread of infection and also heal the wounds if there are any. To apply this remedy one needs to take a few cloves of Garlic, peel them and chop. Now mix a little olive oil to the cloves and make a paste. Warm the paste at low heat and stir it well. Now just let it cool down and come to the bearable temperature. Now fill a dropper with mix and place it in the ear canals of the dog gently. Hold the pet firmly while dropping the mix. This will help to remove all the ear mites from root including adult and eggs. This is a side-effect free remedy, and for an effective and fast result, one can try if twice or thrice a week.

These remedies are time tested and made with items that are available at home only. They are also side effects free, and you don’t need to worry about any other things. The ear mites in the dogs can be a serious problem if proper treatment and care it not taken. Hence as an owner of this loyal pet, you must be attentive to the medical condition of the pet which can also help you to enjoy the good company of your pet for a longer period.

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