Effective Home Remedies for Cat Cold & Flu

Get Rid of Cat Cold & Flu Naturally with Home Remedies

Cold and flu in human are the common disorder of day to day life. Similarly, cats are also suffered from cold and flu. The common cold is a disease of viral infection by which the upper respiratory system gets infected. Another name of the common cold is acute coryza or acute viral Rhinopharyngitis. The cold are reoccurring and shared because the humans are not resistant to the viruses which cause the common cold. This virus converted into the flu. Cat cold comprises a runny nose and sneezing. Cats are prone to common cold due to upper respiratory infection. This phenomenon is similar to human beings. As when they (human) work in the small office, they are more prone to acquire cold and flu. Same in case of the cat if it comes in close contact with another cat, then it is in the cage of the common cold. If any cat uses to sneeze and share the bowls of the food and water with the cat suffering from the cold, then it is prone to acquire cold. So, we should keep the cat which is grabbed by infection or cold isolated from other cats. The immune system of the cat can be disturbed by stress. Cat flu is the second stage of cat cold. Cat flu comprises a sore throat, runny nose, and eyes, pains and aches in the joints and muscles, sneezing, dribbling, mouth ulcers, fever and loss of voice. Adult cats do not get serious by cat flu. There are two types of viruses which cause cat flu i.e. Feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus. The bacteria which is also responsible for cat flu are Bordetella Bronchiseptica. We have to deal with home remedies for cat cold and flu, but before that, we should be well known about its symptoms.

The Symptoms of Cold and Flu in Cats are Explained as Follows.

Runny Nose

The sign of a runny nose can also be termed as nasal discharge. It is very common among cats. It may be bloody, green (purulent) and thick, cloudy/gray (mucoid) and clear (serous). If one or more nostrils are involved, then it may be chronic or acute with them. A runny nose is the sign of cold and flu in cats.

Watery Eyes

Watery eyes mean discharge of water from the eyes of the cat. If the cat is suffering from the cold and flu, then it shows the symptoms of watery eyes. It is the most common symptom to predict the illness.


Just like the human, sneezing is the average condition. But if a cat sneezes along with discharge from eyes and nose, then it is the sign of the fact that it (cat) is grabbed by cold and flu. If sneezing occurs without any discharge, then it is completely normal.


Coughing is the symptom of several diseases in cats. Among these conditions, cold and flu are one of them. This coughing can be acute or chronic. It is categorized into four types viz dry and hacking, dry with a rattle or wheeze, wet, producing mucus and honking.


There are so many symptoms of predicting cold, and flu and sniffing are one among them. If the activity of cat includes sniffing, then it is decided that the cat is caught by the disorder of cold and flu.


Lethargy means inactiveness, a swing of mood and lacking energy within the cat. If the cat lacks energy and becomes inactive and unenthusiastic, then it reveals that it come across to the condition which is not right to it. It is the symptom of cold and flu in the cat.

Low Appetite

As the cat becomes inactive while illness catches it, therefore, another symptom it reveals is that of low appetite. In other words, low appetite is the sign of the cold and flu in the cats.


Another term used for fever is pyrexia. If, the temperature of the body of the cat is high than the normal temperature (at least 103.5° F (39.7° C), then it is the condition of fever. Fever is the indication of flu and cold in the cat.

Ulcers in the Mouth

The last symptom of cold and flu in the cat is ulcers in the mouth of the cat. It is a problem which focuses on the mouth of the cat and is the oral disorder. In other words, if a cat suffers from ulcers in the mouth of the cat then it is the indication of cold and flu in the cat.

Now we will come to our main point of discussion i.e. home remedies of cat cold and flu. The home remedies for cold and flu in the cat are explained in the following manner.

Place The Cat In A Steamy Room

A good, long steam is helpful in clearing the congestion of the respiratory airways and nasal of the cat. If the cat takes a breath in the warm steam, then the drainage which blocks its throat and nose can be prevented by it (steam). Steam provides warmth to the cat which makes it calm and relaxed. First of all, the shower or bath of the steam is allowed to be turned on to a hot temperature. Then, the bathroom is required to be filled with steam for several minutes. Now, the cat is allowed to be in the steam of the bathroom for 10 to 15 minutes. We have to continue this treatment for 2-3 times for each day (until the cat becomes free from cold and flu). The health of human beings is also get benefitted by using a steam room. It makes our body free from stress. The metabolism of the body can be increased by using the steam room. It is helpful in eliminating toxins from the body. We develop a better immunity system by using it. We need not suffer from the discomfort of arthritis, allergies, and asthma. We can shed a significant amount of weight of our body by using it.

Vitamin C tablets

Another home remedy for treating cold and flu in the cat is the tablets of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is helpful in fighting against cold and flu in the cat so as to make its immune system stronger. Vitamin C prevents the bacteria and viruses which cause the cold and flu in the cat, and it is also helpful in recovery from cold and flu bearded by the cat. First of all, one Vitamin C tablet is allowed to be crushed. After that, we have to place it in the syringe. Then, warm water is allowed to be added to the tablet to dissolve it. This content is required to be provided to the cat. This treatment is provided to the cat for 1 to 2 times per day. Vitamin C not only boosts up the cat health but it also boosts up the human health.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The next home remedy which is the best cure for removing the illness of cat is apple cider vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar is helpful in treating cold and flu in the cat. It is also useful in curing fleas on cats. The PH level of cat is alkalized if the apple cider vinegar is injected into the cat. First of all, mix the food of cat with apple cider vinegar. Then, this content is allowed to be given to the cat. You will have to follow this treatment twice per day and continue it until the betterment of condition. You must note that the cat is a very sensitive animal to its food and if it senses anything mixed to its food it may refuse to take it. In such situation do not hesitate just to fill the syringe and offer it orally to the cat. This can help the cat recover faster from cold and flu.


The most suitable home remedy for preventing the cat from cold and flu is Lysine. It is the standard amino acid which required for both cats and humans. There are a certain number of viruses and bacteria which causes cold and flu in the cat. These viruses and bacteria can be inhibited from replicating and spreading to other cats. It does not allow the condition of cold and flu to get worse. First of all, take 200 to 500 mg of lysine. This lysine is authorized to mix with the food of the cat. Then, this content is required to given to the cat.

Vicks Vaporub

The gentle way to make cat free from cold and flu is Vick’s Vaporub. It proves to be the finest home remedy to cure cat if it suffers from cold and flu. It is helpful in clearing the blocked respiratory system and nasal cavities to facilitate cat in breathing, and this is due to the potent menthol entailed by it. It is light ointment which does not have any side-effect. First of all, take ample amount of Vick’s Vaporub on the cotton swab. Just rub the swab on the whiskers of the nose and tip so that it can inhale the same. Do not try hard to apply it as it can irritate the pet. This remedy is allowed to be left onto the cat so as to get deep and healthy breathe. This process of treatment is required to be continued daily (twice per day) until the rooting out of cold and flu. You can also apply some Vicks to its bedding so that it can inhale the same and improve on cold. The Vicks can help to relieve the cat from blocked nasal and help to breathe easily.

Keep the Pet Warm

Keeping the cat warm can help it get rid of cold faster. It doubtlessly helps to have relaxed and relieved, but at the same time the pet can also keep away from bacteria and recover faster. For keeping the little pet warmer, you can use a heating pad or blanket also. You can start heating pad wrapped in the blanket and make just cover the cat with the same blanket. The blanket can also offer it great warmth, but it takes time. The use of heating pad with it can help the pet warm faster and hence get quick recovery also. You can use this remedy until your little pet feels good. At one stage when the cat will feel hot it will jump out of the blanket, let it move a little so that it can relax. Don’t force it to be on the blanket for a long time as once it feels good; it will not be able to sit for some more time. It is also a side effect free and natural remedy and hence much helpful to the cat suffering from cold.

Keep the Cat Hydrated

When a cat suffers from flu or cold, it may refrain from water and another intake which can make the situation worse from bad. Make sure that it drinks enough water and other food items. In case it is not drinking enough water also, just rush to your veterinary as it may need some immediate action. To increase the appetite, you can offer her tuna juice by mixing it with other cat food items. Wet cat food can also be of great help at this stage. You must ensure that it takes wet food and also drink enough water as low water intake can be much fatal for a cat during cold and flu.

Thus, curing your loving cat of cold and flu is not a big deal if necessary actions taken on time. Just a little care, proper remedies, and follow-up can help the cat recover faster. Have an eye on the health condition of the cat for a few days and note if the situation is improving or not else just ask the vet to help you.

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