Euphoric High Herbs to Heal & to Make You Feel High

Did you know that some herbs that are legal to sell and buy can give you a feeling of euphoria? Yes, several herbs can take you on a joyful journey if you consume it properly. In the state of euphoria, a person is in a pleased state or mood. These kinds of herbs are capable of giving you a pleasant and joyous experience.

Specifically, these herbs have psychoactive potential, and it is filled with chemical substances like ‘Entheogen’ or ‘Alkaloid’ which is responsible for giving euphoric feeling to the brain and body. For many decades, these herbs have been used to lift one’s mood and to get a sense of pleasure and calm.

With psychoactive capabilities, these herbs can give a feeling of relaxation when they are consumed in a generous amount. Irrespective of the external conditions, a person feels immense tranquility by consuming these herbs. Also, these herbs are the best alternative to illegal substances like drugs. They can give you the same amount of high and euphoria that is provided by alcohol or drugs.

Some illegal drugs like amphetamines, opioids, etc. give an intense feeling of euphoria but they affect the health immensely, and it has many side-effects. Unlike those drugs, these herbs are natural, and it has no ill-effects on the brain and body. So let us take a look at top 11 best euphoric high herbs available legally across the globe.

Diviner’s Sage

Diviner’s Sage

Diviner’s sage is a natural herb that is native to the region of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is specially used to Induce Euphoria, relieve stress and create a joyful feeling. The feeling of ecstasy is caused by the help of Diterpenoid which is present in this herb. You can consume this herb in the form of tea, or you can drink the juice of this herb by crushing the leaves. The other way through which you can use this is by smoking or by chewing the leaves.  In cases where if you want to consume in higher constituents, then you can take it in the tincture form. If the wish that the result has a higher impact, then it is recommended to chew the leaves or drink the juice containing herbs directly.

Yage (Ayahuasca)

Ayahuasca or Yage

It is an excellent natural herb that can help you to induce with Euphoria. It suggests you get a drink that has high recreational and medicinal value. It has specific compounds present in the herb such as DMT, harmala alkaloids and MAOIs. This herb comes up from the Amazon region, and it is sometimes combined with another plant which is known as Chacruna. The combination of both the herbs can create excellent spiritual and physical feelings.

Morning Glory

morning glory

This plant can be found in Mexico, China, Japan, etc. It has an abundant amount of entheogens. This plant has beautiful violet flowers. Some other names of this plant are Badoh Negro, Quibraplato, etc. The seeds of these plans have psychoactive properties, and it can be used to arise a euphoric feeling. You can either brew the seeds in water for 30 to 40 minutes or else you can swallow the seeds. In both the cases, it will give you a nice euphoric feeling that will last up to few hours. Expect some hallucinations as well.



Kratom is popularly known for its euphoric properties. It can give you a rush of euphoria, and it produces a feeling of high. This herb is derived from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa tree, and it can be found in several parts of South Asia. Some of the exotic strains of Kratom are Bai strain, Green Malaysian, Maeng Da Thai, etc. This herb has several healing properties too. It can cure diarrhea, body pain, depression, etc. You can make a tea out of the herb to get the best effects of it. The people who consume it has reported that they feel happier, lighter and calmer. It also arises a strong desire to be active and work hard.



This herb is also known as Piper methysticum, and it is found in the region of Western Pacific. Kava is one of the best and most durable euphoric and sedative herbs on this planet. It has a long shelf life. The herb is popularly known for its soothing and calming effect on brain and body. It has nearly no side-effects if consumed in a generous amount. You can make a nice cup of tea from Kava, and it can be consumed directly as well. This herb has been known to reduce social anxiety and depression as well.

Blue Lotus

blue lotus

With a mild psychoactive and euphoric properties, Blue Lotus is used as an anxiolytic plant. It helps to cure sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, etc. In ancient Egypt, it was used in alcohol. It gives a pleasant and calm feeling. It is a legal recreational herb.

Poppy Seeds

poppy seeds

The poppy seeds are freely available in many countries. However, it might be illegal in few countries. It has opium-like effects, and it has morphine content in it. The seeds can be used in tea, and it can be consumed to get a nice and blissful feeling. It is rich in alkaloids which gives a high feeling.

Sacred Lotus

Sacred Lotus

Sacred Lotus is a perennial aquatic plant which can be found in Australia or South Asia and the scientific name of this plant is Nelumbo nucifera. The dried petals and leaves can be smoked to get a sense of high. Other than this, it can also be consumed through tea. It has a mild euphoric effect, and it gives an opium-like high. The person who consumes it feels relaxed and peaceful.

Wild Dagga

Wild Dagga

Also known as Leonotis leonurus, this plant is found in South African countries. It is a commonly grown plant in that region, and it is consumed by several local people. It is capable of giving a mild psychoactive effect. One can compare it to the high of cannabis but much milder than that. The consumption of this plant in tea can reduce anxiety and give a relaxation feeling for few hours.



It is a herbaceous plant found in Mongolia, Siberia, and China. Today it is widely available in western countries as well as America, Mexico, etc. You can smoke this plant, or you can consume it in a tea. It causes the consumer to enter into a pleasant state of mind. This herb can numb body pain too.



This is a perennial shrub that can be found in several parts of America and Mexico. It has a mild hallucinatory effect, and it gives a pleasant euphoric experience. It will make you laugh, and it has a slight giddiness effect. This is a good alternative to cannabis, and it has a slightly milder effect from it. This herb is legal everywhere except the USA.

These are the natural alternatives to chemical drugs, and they give the same or in some cases, a milder effect of euphoria. Over consumption of anything is harmful, but if you utilize these herbs correctly, it will help you stay in a relaxed state of mind when you feel stress or depressed. Natural herbs are any day better than drugs or alcohol. Stay out of trouble and switch to natural herbs.


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