How to Reverse Infertility & Get Pregnant Naturally

Infertility is a growing concern in the modern times. And with this, the situation has been commercialized to the extent that there are experts to guide couples on how to finance treatments to get back their fertility so as to be able to conceive. In most cases, the problem is not bad as it seems although it is more commonly spotted these days. If correct guidance is given, one can get back their infertility, and a woman can conceive naturally without having to spend so much money on expensive treatments.

This makes it vital to see a doctor and talk about any infertility issues. Identifying the causes of your infertility is the first step towards reversing it. These days, many couples are turning to naturopaths and herbal medical practitioners to address their various fertility concerns. Usually, fertility issues can be naturally handled with dedicated healthy changes in diet and lifestyle. To speed up this process of reversing infertility, natural supplements are taken with the prescription of a doctor for conceiving with ease and going through a healthy pregnancy for a delivering a healthy baby.

Infertility is a clear sign from the body that it is not perfectly healthy and needs some issues to be addressed. Fertility is a normal process in the body which is naturally there. However, if that functionality is reversed, it means the body is giving you signals that it doesn’t feel safe to sustain a pregnancy and it is time to see the doctor.

There are several confounding factors which can contribute to infertility, and this makes it difficult for a conventional treatment to be effective all the time or in the same degrees in all the patients. One big reason for this is that not every time does it become possible to dig out all the possible causes for the situation. Fertility drugs and chemical hormones and also, the birth control pills can sometimes treat the underlying problems. However, in some cases, they have been found to worsen situations by causing side effects by hindering possibilities of natural conception in the future.

Causes of Infertility

Infertility can have several possible causes. Some common causes of infertility are an imbalance in hormones, anovulatory cycles, short luteal phase, inadequate luteinizing hormone, increased prolactin, polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis to name a few. Poor nutrition is also a popular cause for infertility. Many times exposure to certain chemicals can trigger infertility issues. Then, of course, age plays a significant role in fertility and as traditionally thought, menopause is not the only concern that plays a role in infertility issues.

Low cervical mucous is an essential ingredient of pregnancy, and if it is non-existent or inadequate or just simply too acidic, the sperm cannot make it into the cervix. A sedentary lifestyle, less intake of water and hormonal imbalance are the prime causes of this infertility issues, and it can be corrected with fertility medications containing hormones. In rare cases, some surgeries may cause damage to the cervical scar tissue which may block the ducts secreting the cervical mucous, and this can cause infertility.

Stress, an often-overlooked factor, has also been studied and it has been found that too much of it can become a serious hindrance to conception. When you are under extreme stress, the body secretes more amount of the hormone adrenaline, and this signals the body that it is not in the best of health to conceive. The same hormone also inhibits the body from utilizing the hormone progesterone which is an integral component of fertility.

Furthermore, stress also triggers higher production of prolactin by the pituitary gland, which adds to the fertility issues. High-stress levels pose a danger to the fertility of both men and women and thus, should not be ignored as a possible cause of infertility. Research has revealed that stress can boost the production of cortisol and catecholamines along with adrenaline and these are responsible for inhibiting the gonadotrophin-release hormone or GnRH. The GnRH is primary sex hormone and inhibiting it will suppress ovulation in women and lower a man’s libido while reducing the sperm count.

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained infertility is quite a common occurrence in the world of reproduction. It is the term used in cases where the cause of infertility remains unsolved even after several tests of probable causes. It has been found that about 25% of couples are usually diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Sometimes the reasons are as simple as low cervical mucous, pre-existing health problems, nutritional deficiency and inaccurate timing of sexual intercourse.

To get to the root of the cause of unexplained infertility, it is become imperative to go through all the necessary tests and, the additional analyses. Often, a quarter of the couples with unexplained infertility usually also have other health issues, poor dietary habits, unhealthy lifestyle or fertility concerns directly impacting their reproductive health. Infertility struggles more some are more challenging when the causes include fertility issues like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc. In such cases, doctors usually advise the patients to first address these conditions before embarking on the journey of pregnancy.

Hormonal imbalances can be a problem both for men and women and in the latter; it increases the risks of miscarriage even if after a successful conception. Menstrual cycle irregularities are often caused by over and under secretion of hormones and can cause serious fertility issues. In the case of hormonal imbalances in men, it poses difficulty in conceiving own to poor sperm health or other health concerns resulting from hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances are responsible for lower libido in men and women and erectile dysfunction in men.

Natural Ways to Restore Fertility

The good news is that in most cases, dietary and lifestyle changes can bring about a positive change in the lives of partners trying to conceive. Often, it is these simple issues of excess weight, blood sugar issues, skin problems, lack of energy and insomnia which can make conceiving a challenge. Addressing these issues can have a tremendous difference in fertility. This is also true for those who need to undergo conventional fertility treatments. Extreme fertility treatments may be useful, but it can be exhausting physically as well as emotionally. Furthermore, they could be very expensive. Taking care of the simple issues in a natural way only speeds up the process of restoring your fertility.

Diet Changes

There are ways to help optimize your productivity by adopting a healthier diet. In some cases, nutrition alone has been studied to reverse infertility and bring about healthy pregnancy. For example, it is recommended to minimize the consumption of processed grains, sugars, processed foods, and starches. The source of carbohydrates, in fact, can be healthier. Eat more vegetables and fruits like squash and sweet potatoes to name a few for acquiring nutrient rich carbs. The intake of healthy fats too is a wise thing to do. Some reliable sources include olives, olive oil, coconut, coconut oil, avocado, nuts, and butter.

For protein, go for grass-fed meats, organic eggs, and nuts. Fresh vegetables like all sorts of leafy greens are highly recommended. Plus, adequate protein is also necessary when you conceive as it minimizes any risks of pregnancy complications. Keep your system hydrated drinking plenty of water. It is also important to keep your insulin levels in check even if you are not a Type 2 diabetes patient. This is because, if you take too much of carbohydrate it can increase the chances of insulin resistance to some extent.

Then, there are certain kinds of vitamins which strengthen fertility and reverses infertility where people have difficulty in conceiving. Research brings out the fact that a deficiency of vitamin D is often the cause of infertility and miscarriage, commonly in America where people have inadequate vitamin D in their bodies, and it falls lower in winters. Vitamin C is yet another nutrient that is excellent for restoring infertility in both men and women. One should ideally aim for 2000 mg or more of vitamin C in their diet if trying to conceive.

Also, include foods in your diet which are enriched with folate. This vitamin is very effective in the early months of pregnancy to prevent any complications. However, if you are trying to conceive, it is best consumed since several months before pregnancy. This nutrient increases cell division and aids in ovulation. Doctors usually recommend 2000 to 5000 mg of folate a day to women who are looking forward to getting pregnant.

This apart, zinc also promotes cell division and is excellent for both men and women trying to conceive as it boosts ovulation and sperm production. Zinc is usually recommended to be taken in combination with the B vitamins. The deficiency of vitamin B is commonly found in anyone who consumes enormous amounts of processed grains, sugars, and foods.

Optimizing the levels of B vitamins helps in the better synthesis of the luteinizing hormone as well as the stimulating follicle hormone, both of which promote fertility. With this goes Selenium which is yet another nutrient that promotes cell division and prevents risks of miscarriage. It helps the body get rid of the free radicals and protects the ovum and the sperm.

Lifestyle Factors

Often certain addictions can severely impact fertility. Habits of excessive caffeine intake, smoking and drugging can cause one to become infertile. Besides, there are certainly other factors like lack of enough sleep, inactive lifestyle or overactive daily schedule and elevated levels of stress which can trigger risks of infertility. Exposure to harmful chemicals and consumption of certain supplements or medications can often become the reason for infertility. However, most of these lifestyle factors can be fixed with some effort. Research has shown that women with sleep issues have a shorter luteal period which can become a problem when trying to conceive. Also, lack of sleep impairs the proper synthesis of cortisol, insulin, and adrenaline, which can disturb conception.

Getting enough sleep so that the body feels well rested is an important thing to ensure for body’s healthy functioning. Besides, be well-informed about what utensils you use in your kitchen or what products you use for cosmetics. From household appliances to plastic water and conventional beauty products anything may contain harmful chemicals to which you are exposed daily. Plus, few hours of weekly recreational activities like swimming, walking, and yoga can help the body greatly and boost the functionalities including fertility. Weight loss exercises can also be practiced keeping in mind that too little body fat of 15 to 18% or lesser can lead to an anovulatory state.

When trying to conceive without much success, stress can become a serious issue which can further hinder the process.  Relaxing with entertainment like theater, taking fun classes like dance, art, music, etc., meditating, exercising, indulging in spa and massage therapies, catching up with loved ones and sleeping well are some natural ways of keeping stress at bay. Check with your medical practitioner if you are on any medication that could disturb fertility. This is more to be taken care of if you have been on antidepressants or steroids or hormone medications.

Herbs and Supplements

Sometimes, people find herbs and supplements useful in reversing infertility and conceiving naturally. While diet and lifestyle changes are often good enough to bring about these welcome changes, the supplements can help one get faster results. In this regard, Cod Liver Oil is an excellent supplement that has been known to boost a woman’s fertility. It is also a great supplement for would-be mothers as it helps in the proper development of the baby and increases the mother’s health.

Besides, certain hormone balancing supplements like the natural progesterone cream can also be useful. Infertility is often just caused by an imbalance in hormones. This is particularly the case for women who have short menstrual cycles or a short ovulation phase as they can have progesterone issues. Studies have revealed that this natural cream is often very useful in helping women conceive easily within a month or two of its use and it also, ensures a healthy pregnancy. However, with some many choices of progesterone cream available in the market, it is imperative to recognize a pure quality product through research and the help of a medical practitioner.

It is recommended to go for a natural progesterone cream that is soy-free. The cream should be used in the second half of the cycle i.e. ovulation through menses. Many doctors suggest the use of the cream to be continued through the first trimester of pregnancy, decreasing the use gradually. This is to ensure that the body has enough progesterone for a healthy pregnancy until the placenta begins synthesizing its progesterone in the second trimester.

Home Remedies to Cure Infertility Naturally

Here are some recommended herbs that are popularly used in reversing infertility –

Red Raspberry

This is a very effective herb for boosting fertility and is also known to be good for a healthy pregnancy. The herb is enriched with nutrients and is particularly high in calcium. Red raspberry leaf is called as a uterine tonic by herbalists. You can get the herb in the form of capsules. The leaves of this herb can be brewed to make tea.


The leaf of nettle is enriched with chlorophyll and minerals. Not only is it a powerful uterine tonic, but it is also effective in reducing stress and keeping the kidneys and adrenals healthy. Nettle is useful after conceiving too as its store of nutrients ensures a healthy pregnancy and the high vitamin K content is helpful in preventing hemorrhage. You can drink nettle leaf tea before as well during your pregnancy to reap its benefits.

Red Clover

This is an excellent herb for restoring fertility. The high vitamin content, as well as the presence of even the trace minerals, makes it a health boosting herb for a woman who is trying to conceive. The herb works by balancing the hormones which in turn helps a woman to get pregnant naturally.


Maca is one of the most trusted herbs when it comes to promote fertility and improve a person’s health and vitality. The herb is especially useful for balancing the hormones, whose imbalance often become the reason for infertility. Maca can be used by both men and women to increase their fertility. However, for women, Maca is recommended to be taken between menstruation and ovulation. It is not advised to be taken during pregnancy. This potent herb can be taken in the form of capsules.

Vitex or Chaste Tree Berry

In many cases, taking this herb alone has been known to reverse infertility. This wonder herb offers nourishment to the pituitary gland and aids in making the luteal phase longer. This results in a lesser production of the hormone prolactin, and as a result, progesterone is produced in more amounts, increasing chances of getting pregnant more easily.

It is always important to consult a certified health practitioner before taking any medication, herb or supplement. Also, it is not advisable to take these supplements or herbs when under fertility treatment, hormone treatment or hormonal birth control.

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