Ways to Get Ready for a Baby

Pregnancy planning is the process of preparing a couple for the conception of a healthy child. It includes a deliberate decision to have a baby, complete examination of the body of the mother, identification, and treatment of diseases that may adversely affect the health of the unborn child or the ability of the mother to give birth to the baby.

During pregnancy and childbirth, the female body experiences a significant pressure on all the vital organs. The heart, kidneys and liver work with redoubled force. Also, nervous, immune and endocrine systems experience great tension. That is why it’s desirable to prepare for pregnancy in advance, best of all – 2-3 months before the alleged conception.

Planning for pregnancy prevents many health problems and increases the chances of having a healthy child. But first of all, you should ask yourself: “Am I ready for children?” If you are sure that the answer is yes, you can act boldly. There are some valuable tips from primedating.com on how to get ready for pregnancy.

Pre-conception Examination

The complex diagnostic analysis is one of the essential tasks that face future parents. Where to begin? From a visit to a gynecologist (1). It’s good if a couple prepares in advance for the first visit. It is necessary to remember your chronic and hereditary diseases, the approximate length of the menstrual cycle, and to take a medical card because some diseases that you had even in childhood can have a negative impact on the health of your future child.

Watch Your Weight

During pregnancy, you won’t want to stand on the scales. If now you are too thin or on the contrary fat, it can cause some problems. Fatness increases the chances of having diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, due to the fat, labor can last much longer. Determine with your doctor your healthy weight, honestly telling how and how much you were on a diet and how strongly you are predisposed to fatness. Also if you need to lose or gain weight, try to do this before conception.

Proper Nutrition

proper nutrition

Very soon you will only think about ice cream and salted cucumber. In the meantime, the best thing you can do is to eat properly (2). Ask your partner to join you. There is good advice: you need to eat a lot of protein, iron, calcium and folic acid before and during pregnancy. So stock up with fruits, nuts, vegetables, greens, whole wheat and fat-free dairy products.

Relieve Stress

Stress can shift the time of ovulation, so try to avoid it. Surround yourself with everything that brings you pleasure and a sense of peace. Relax and don’t worry about trifles.

Engage in Sports Activities

It’s the best way how to get your body ready for pregnancy. Everyone knows that physical exercises are useful, but don’t exhaust yourself. Daily physical activities lasting 40-50 minutes lead to problems with ovulation in many women. During sports, the pituitary doesn’t send a signal to the ovaries, so that ovulation doesn’t occur. Don’t refuse physical activity; it is worth adjusting them a bit – try to practice outdoors or take a walk three times a week for half an hour, such actions increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

Healthy Lifestyle

Refusal to smoke and regular drink of alcohol is compulsory for future parents. In order to avoid chromosomal mutations, both mother and father should give up cigarettes and alcohol.

Preparation for pregnancy and pregnancy itself can be an excellent period to improve your health and accustom yourself to useful habits that you will be able to follow in the future while taking care of your baby!

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