Hair Removal Options For Men – It’s Time to Amp up Your Style!

Mainstream beauty standards have changed for the better with fashion and style being more inclusive than before.  Gone are the days when women would spend hours getting ready while the men stood by, tapping their toes and glaring at their watches. Now, men are just as conscious about their looks and man-scaping is a legit thing. So, if you are looking to amplify your style by removing unwanted hair, try the following hair removal techniques:


Ah, shaving. The good, old-fashioned technique men have relied on for ages. Shaving works well for body fair too and you can lather up and shave your chest, back, arms, legs, really – anything you desire. However, the effects of shaving are generally short-term ones. Your hair will grow back in a day and you will have to repeat the process again. Using an electric razor may contribute to lessening the effort involved in shaving, but you will only feel smooth and hairless for a day.


Women have always fantasized about waxing their men. There is something very enticing about letting the other half know how the pain of grooming feels. Now, however, with so many men seeking out waxing services, the idea has lost its charm. That is not to say that it has lost any of its effectiveness! You can get your body waxed for long-term effects if shaving is not helping you. It takes approximately a month for hair to grow back. If the idea of going to salon feels embarrassing, you can always buy waxing strips and do it yourself in the privacy of your home.

Laser Treatments

If you are looking for very long-lasting results, laser treatments are the right call for you. In these treatments, a skilled technician uses laser lights to penetrate the hair’s shaft and kill the root of the hair. The duration of the treatment generally lasts close to 30 minutes and you may require up to 8 sessions for the best results. Dr. Siddharth Garekar (an experienced dermatologist in clinical & cosmetic treatments) says this, however, depends on your hair growth and your dermatologist’s recommendation too. Once your treatment sessions are completed, the results will last forever. So if you want to get rid of your hair once and for all, this treatment type can work wonders for you. So, head down to a skin clinic near you and start your journey towards better style!

Hair removal has become a necessity for those who want to fit into modern beauty standards. Whether you are looking for short-term solutions or permanent ones, you have many avenues to explore. These solutions work well for both, facial and body hair, so all you have to do is pick one!

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