Home Remedies For Cat Allergies

If our body reacts negatively towards any substance or condition, then it is called as an allergy. There are so many animals which use to suffer from the allergies, and one among them is the cat. These allergies of cat have the harsh effects on the health of the human beings, most probably on the skin of the person. When this lovely pet comes in contact with the substances which create allergies in it, then the immune system of its body is overly sensitive to them. Cat suffer from the allergies if it gets contacted with dust pollens, mildew, mold, weed, grass, tree, food, fleas, fleas control products, prescription drugs, perfumes, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, fabrics, rubber and plastic materials. The symptoms of cat allergies are wheezing, coughing (if the cat is suffering from asthma), itchy skin, itchy and runny eyes, itchy back or base of tail, itchy ears, ear infections, vomiting, diarrhea, snoring and swollen paws/paw chewing. The cat becomes irritable and irritated and is observed to be dejected when it suffers from the allergies. You can make your cat healthy and happy by treating the allergies of the cat using home remedies. The home remedies for cat allergies are described in the following manner.

Internal And External Use Of Coconut Oil

If the coconut oil is applied directly to the skin, then it has moisturizing effects on it (skin) which prove that the coconut oil is very useful products. In other words, coconut oil is use to combat the consequences of the cat allergies and is responsible for moving them out. It can also be given to cat (depending on its size and age of cat) for eating or drinking with its meal. Therefore, the internal and external use of coconut oil is preferable to remove cat allergies, and it proves to be the best home remedy (for removing cat allergies).

Consumption of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Another name of omega-3 fatty acids is n-3 fatty acids. The polyunsaturated fatty acids with the double bond at (if counted from the end of carbon chain) the third carbon atom are termed as Omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3 fatty acids are available in the form of capsules. The symptoms of the cat allergies can be controlled through omega-3 fatty acids. For controlling the symptoms and signs of cat allergies, it is required to be added to the diet of the cat. It is supposed to be given once per day to the cat until the time the improvements are observed. Omega-3 fatty acids are available in cod liver oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, soybeans, and fishes like mackerel, salmon, herring, oysters, sardines, anchovies and caviar.

Directly Applying Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose is preferred as the properties acquired by it are gentle and soothing. As it provides moisture, so it is helpful in providing relief to the cat in itching, irritation and red skin. It restricts the cat from scratching by anti-itch agents found in it (evening primrose). Evening Primrose is applied directly to the skin of the cat and is allowed to remain on it (skin) until it is absorbed completely. This treatment is supposed to be taken once per day until the condition of the cat gets improved. Thus, evening primrose is the excellent home remedy for treating cat allergies.

Consumption of Acidophilus

If you want to maintain a good balance between internal and external parts of our body, then you should consume the beneficial bacteria called as acidophilus. The immune system of the cat gets improved to a great extent by its consumption, and if the immune system is healthy, then the cat is not prone to allergies. In the case, if allergies grab a cat then it reduces the condition of worsening of allergies. If the acidophilus is provided to the cat twice a day, then it makes the cat free from allergies. Therefore, the best home remedy for treating cat allergies is acidophilus. You can get acidophilus from yogurt, milk and other dairy products, garlic, banana, tomatoes, onions, barley and whole wheat foods. During the peak of allergy, an increase in intake of milk can help a cat to recover faster.

Bathing The Cat

The next home remedy for cat allergies which can be much helpful is bathing the cat. To provide bath to the cat is not an easy task as some cats do not like to get in contact with water but if they can shower regularly, then they can be protected from allergies. While bathing if the water is combined with soap-free and gentle shampoo, then it proves to be the best solution for cat allergies. If the skin of cat has any pollen or mold spores, then they (any pollen or mold spores) can be reduced on the spot by placing the cat in the bath. Except providing treatment for cat allergies, it has other benefits on the cat. Bathing of the cat enables the skin and coat of the cat to be in good condition. If you keep the cat as your pet, then you have a habit of taking it on your lap and use to play with it, and then so many hairs of cat remain with our clothes. Bathing the cat reduces this sticking of hairs to the clothes. The hairballs get decreased by bathing the cat. By bathing, the sharp toenails of the cats become soft, and thus the chances of injuries and damage get reduced (from sharp toenails).

Discontinue Use Of Plastic Bowls

When you provide water and food to the cat, then they are supposed to be given in bowls. These containers are made up of plastic. The material of plastic is not good for the health of the cat as it is the cause of cat allergies. This is because at the time of eating or drinking the unwanted chemicals of plastic are absorbed by the food and water.

In other words, you should avoid the use of plastic bowls while providing food and water to the cat. Therefore, restricting the use of plastic containers is the best solution for treating the cat allergies. Plastic is much harmful to the cat, and it carries many disadvantages. It is considered to be a non-renewable resource. It is the source of developing cancer. This material use to encounter embrittlement at low temperature. The resistant power of this material with heat is low. So many toxic fumes are produced if it is burnt. Although it can be recycled, it proves to be costly. The disposal of this material is improper and challenging. It is essential to preserve our environment, but plastic is not good for our environment.

Using an Oatmeal Soak

Due to skin soothing properties, grain has gained its recognition. Oatmeal solves the purpose of both humans and animals. If the cat can be soaked in the mixture of food, then it will be an excellent treatment for the allergies acquired by it. In other words, by using oatmeal soak, you can control the signs and symptoms of cat allergies. To use this remedy what you will need is a half cup of warm water and some raw oats. Mix the water with the natural oat and make a paste of it. Just apply the paste directly to the fur and skin to have the fast effects. Let the paste be there for 10 minutes and get it dry. Now, just rinse off the oatmeal from the body of the cat. You need to continue this treatment until the symptoms of the allergy are completely gone. You need to carry out this treatment twice of thrice in a week to get the result faster.

Provide Dust-free Environment To Cat

The unwanted particles present in the air and our environment which is harmful to us in every respect is said to be as dust. Both human and animals get affected by the adverse effects of dust. Similarly, the cat is also affected by the dust. If the cat meets the soil, then it starts sneezing and coughing. They are much more prone to the dust allergies due to cat litter dust, cat trees, cat beds, cat litter dust and the unclean and untidy environment. Therefore, if you provide the dust free environment to the cat, then it is an effective treatment for cat allergies. Dust also destroys the health of the human. It can affect the lungs of the people harshly. It accelerates the rate of asthma.  If you come in contact with dust, then you will suffer from sneezing and coughing. Thence the best option to remove the allergy of a cat is to keep it clean. Whenever the pet comes from the outer areas, just have a habit of wiping it so that the dust and other harmful particles that can cause allergy are removed. Make it a habit or regular practice, and in a short span, the pet will be habituated of the same. In the long run, this method will be helpful to you as well as the pet.

Adjusting The Diet Of The Cat

The next home remedy for cat allergies is adjusting the diet of the cat. Sometimes it happens that food which you are providing to the cat is not suitable for it. As a result, it develops allergies within cats. These allergies can also be developed when the food which is provided to the cat is in excess. Therefore, you should identify the food materials which developing allergies within the cat and make the cat stay away from it (food material causing allergies). Even you should provide the food in appropriate quantity.

Provide Proper Flea Treatment to the Cat

It is critical to offer appropriate flea treatment to the cat as saliva of flea leads to the allergy in the cat. In some seasons particularly summer and spring the pet has to suffer from flea biting and hence one needs to take immediate actions. The best option to counter fleas is keeping the home and all the areas where cat moves, clean. Doubtlessly fleas are not good for human health too, and hence it is better to keep them at bay. The best option to remove the insects is the use of various home cleaners where the smell makes the bug stay away. Cleanliness at home can be much helpful for the family at home as well as your favorite pet.

Other Allergens

An allergy is something one cannot know easily, and hence one should keep an eye on the pet. There can be an allergy to cat from some perfumes (As it has strong smelling sense), fabric, chemicals, and food. As an owner, you need to find out such allergens that trigger the symptoms of allergies in the pet and remove them in a way that the cat does not meet it. You must notice that usually, a cat moves to all the areas of the home and hence it is better to keep such items at a height and if possible in lock and key.

These remedies are the best options that can keep the pet happy and healthy and that too at a limited cost. As an owner, you must note that the treatment of allergy is a costly affair and therefore if you try these home remedies it just don’t save you a good amount of money but also helps the pet to keep healthy and happy. The best part about these home remedies is, they are easy to carry out, and you don’t need to spend any additional amount or create any special facilities at home.

There are many people also who suffer from allergies. However, the symptoms and intensity of these allergies can be controlled. With the help of the points mentioned here, you can see that the cat allergies are not a big issue. Our efforts are the best solution in curing these cat allergies.

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