Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

The insects whose body are flat and are small are known as fleas. If the number of species and subspecies of flea are considered, then it is said to around 2000. As they use to jump speedily and quickly, so it is not easy to kill them. In a row, they can jump 10,000 times. Fleas can increase the length of their body multiple times. The humid and warm environment is friendly for them. The animals which are grabbed by it are dogs and cats due to the high temperature of their body. But here, we should discuss the fleas on the cat.

Cats are attacked by fleas if there is a contact between cat and flea infested environment. If the cat encounters other pet entailing fleas, then it (cat) will be attacked by fleas. The areas which are prone to fleas are the park, inside house or backyards. The symptoms of cat fleas are terrible itching, scratching, red, flaky and scaly scalp. The pet also has to suffer from hair loss at back leg, tail, behind the ears, and down the back, repeatedly licking the skin and restlessness. There may be lethargy, pepper-like specks on the fur of the cat, muscle loss, red spots on the bedding of cat, pinhead sized brown or black insects crawling on the fur of the cat, agitation and edginess, inflammation, pale gums and scratching.

Now we will discuss the home remedies for fleas on cats in the following manner.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The best treatment for treating fleas on cats is apple cider vinegar. When we provide food and water to the cat, then it is mixed with them (food and water). To each quarter of water 1-2 tablespoon of organic and raw apple cider vinegar is added for the cat. In case, if the cat does not drink the water containing vinegar, then we can reduce the amount of vinegar as the small amount of vinegar is enough to prevent fleas on the cat. Thus, this is the internal use of apple cider vinegar for controlling fleas on cats and is counted as the best home remedy.

Flea Comb

The best solution to remove fleas on cats is flea comb. This comb is required to be dragged slowly across the hair which is closed to the skin of the cat. The areas of the cat which are more prone to fleas are armpits, tail, and groin and thus we have to comb these areas by using the flea comb. If the fleas are removed through this comb, then they are required to be drowned in water (this water should be soapy). We should use flea comb with due care and precautions.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

A natural rock whose constituent materials are remains of tough shelled algae is termed as diatomaceous earth. If we want to use it, then it is converted into powdered form by crushing it. The most effective way to remove fleas on cats is diatomaceous earth. It has positive effects on the health of both humans and cats. It makes the fleas die as it causes dehydration. We should wear gloves and dust our hands with diatomaceous earth before its usage. It is required to be sprinkled on the fur and coat of the cat and after that its thorough rubbing uses to be taken place. Due care has been taken to avoid its contact with eyes and nose. It can also be dusted on the furniture and bedding of the cat.

Soapy Water Flea Trap

There exist a great attraction between fleas and light. Many fleas can be killed by using this fact. Pour warm soapy water in the shallow dish. This dish is required to be placed under a night light. As they see the light, they hop or jump towards the light, and they get fallen into the water and thus died after getting drowned. This dish is required to be checked next morning. A bunch of killed fleas gets collected in it. Allow the dish to get empty and cleaned thoroughly. This process is required to be repeated daily until the cat becomes free from all the fleas.

 Flea Collar

The role of flea collar is effective in removing fleas on cats. Cut the flea collar into four pieces. Then, put it under the bed of the cat. The areas near the vacuum cleaner are also prone to insects so a flea collar can be used to remove from these regions. These collars are also known as insect growth regulator, and they are helpful in preventing eggs and larvae of the flea. Therefore, the best home remedy for removing fleas on cats is the flea collar. It is available in different online stores so as to provide better results.

Salt Water

Fleas use to be repelled from salt water. If we want the cat to be free from fleas, then the floors and other areas of the house are required to be cleaned with salt water. We can also shower salt on the carpet (directly) so that the larvae and the eggs of the fleas can be killed quickly. This salt water is not only beneficial for cats but also for humans. If we drink salt water, then it ensures better digestion. It provides good sleep. It is good for the health of the bones. It makes our skin healthy. It is helpful in reducing weight. It maintains the blood pressure of the body.

White Vinegar

The next home remedy to remove fleas on cats is white vinegar. To ensure hygienic environment cats are required to be cleaned and bathed. But while cleaning and providing bath to the cat if white vinegar is used, then cats can be kept stay away from fleas. The infestation of the flea can be prevented if water mixed with white vinegar is poured on the cat. White vinegar is the most convenient way of removing fleas on the cat. White vinegar can easily be available to solve the purpose. It does not have any side-effects on the skin and ensures full safety.

Cedar Chips

Cedar chips are also the home remedy which is helpful in removing fleas on cats. These chips are required to be placed on the bedding of the cat. It can also be placed around spaces for eradicating fleas on cats.


If we want to make our cat free from the fleas, then leaves of rosemary are the best home remedy. After the bites of the flea, cat faces the problem of itching, and due to this itching, the hairs of the cats get lost. Therefore, rosemary helps a lot in the stimulation of the growth of hairs. First of all dry the leaves of rosemary and convert it into the fine powder. After that, it is required to be sprinkled on the affected areas of the cat. It is preferred because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Even it does not have any side effects on the skin of the cat.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice is the well-suited home remedy to treat fleas on cats. It is preferred due to antiseptic nature, anti-parasitic and astringent. The fleas on cat get suffocated through Aloe Vera Juice. It makes the environment of fleas on cat unfriendly. This juice proves to be the very effective solution for removing fleas on the cat if mixed with cayenne pepper. It is free from any type of side-effect. It eliminates fleas on the cat in a quick manner. It is the convenient way to make the cat free from fleas as it can be available easily.

Lemon Spray

This vegetable has acidic properties which are helpful for killing fleas on cats. Divide the lemon into four parts by cutting it with the knife. Allow these parts to be poured in boiling water. They can be submerged completely after that they can be steeped overnight. The resultant content is required to be added to spray bottle. The material is sprayed on the areas of the cat which are affected by fleas. These areas comprise the base of the tail, head, and ear back. Another way of treating fleas on the cat is that a piece of cloth is being soaked in the content and it is allowed to be rubbed on areas of the cat which are affected by fleas.

Stash Earl Grey Tea

The fleas on the cat can be controlled and rooted out by using the home remedy to which we call stash earl gray tea. Take some tea from the packet and allow it to spread on a carpet. After that, it is required to be vacuumed after a few days, and thus the infestation of fleas on cats gets removed.

Keep the Floor Clean

Your loving pet moves on the floor and rests on it. Many times it also licks the floor and many items it also eats the thing lying on the floor. These all acts can damage its overall health condition, and the worst thing is you cannot make it change these habits. However, to keep the floor clean and free from all the insects and parasites particularly from fleas is in your hand. You must use a quality floor cleaner to wipe the floor or use lemon water. To make lemon water, just take a bucket of water and add some fresh lemon juice to it. Clean the floor with the help of this mix and all the parasites and fleas will be removed in just a little time.

Keep the Pet Free from Fleas

The fleas are number one enemy for the pet like a cat. They bite the pet on specific areas such as stomach, backside, head, back of ears and tail. This irritates the pet, and it starts itching. The best way to keep the cat free from the fleas is to use a lemon spray on it. To make a lemon spray just cut a lemon in four pieces and soak it in a bottle of water. Leave it overnight and next morning; fill a bottle with this liquid. Spray the mix on the body parts of the cat where you notice the biting of the fleas. This spray has a smell that can keep the fleas away and hence the problem can be sorted out naturally. However, you must note that the spray must not frequently be used as the continuity of lemon water on the skin of cat can also cause irritation to it.

Dishwashing Liquid

The dishwashing liquid also has properties that can keep the fleas away from biting the pet. For efficient use, the best way is to mix two drops of dishwashing liquid to the bathing water of the pet and make it a bath. It will work as the shampoo. You must rinse off the pet well after bathing as the keeping of this liquid may cause itching to the pet. This liquid will leave a smell on the skin that can help to keep the fleas away from it.

These all home remedies are tried and tested. A majority of them can be carried out without spending any extra amount, and hence they are very cost effective too. However, the method of use and some precautions mentioned must be followed accurately to get the desired results faster. For a pet, the cleanliness is the most important requirement, and hence one needs to keep all the areas wherever the cat moves clean and hygienic. This can also help to keep the pet free from all the diseases and allergies.

Thus, fleas are not only harmful to cats but also for the family of the owners. To keep the fleas away is just like keeping the disease away. Hence one must act faster and take all the necessary actions that can help to keep the home and surrounding clean and clear.

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