Home Remedies for Vaginal Cysts

What is Vaginal Cyst?

A vaginal cyst cannot be defined as any disorder or disease. It is better to call it as just an infection. A vaginal cyst is radically the small cramped bubble type pockets of fluid, pus or air pinpointed around the vaginal wall or lining of a woman. This infectious papule or vaginal cysts can be caused due to liquid proliferation in a woman’s glands, noncancerous malignant within the vagina or injury throughout childbirth. These cysts don’t cause any must symptoms, but a minor discomfort, itchiness, and mild pain can be experienced before the occurrence.

Most of the time vaginal cysts even don’t require a treatment to be cured because it can get cured by itself by taking a regular care as to wash the genitals with antiseptics et cetera. When if cysts are not of pimple sizes or pains exceptionally then it must be checked by a doctor. But there are categories of vaginal cysts which need an emergency visit to a doctor.

There are many types of vaginal cysts, but some most frequently include the following:

Gartner’s Duct

This types of cysts originated during the time of pregnancy. They usually use to go away after giving birth. However, if the shaft remains after giving birth then it can run up to fluid and at last, can bring out as a cyst on the vaginal walls.

Vaginal Inclusion

The most frequent type of vaginal cyst in the woman. The primary cause of getting a vaginal inclusion type of vaginal cyst is the injury. The injury which can occur on vaginal walls while having dry and rough sex or during pregnancy or surgery.


The Bartholin gland situates around the vaginal opening on the vaginal leafs. This type of cyst can be extremely painful which may not even allow one to walk correctly. The Bartholin’s cysts commonly consist pus and fluid.

Home Remedies for Vaginal Cysts

Warm compress

warm compress

It is an excellent option to use this method. Pour hot water into a bottle and put it against your cyst. It mitigates cyst type abnormalities. Another opportunity to use this technique is heated pack. Or, grab a clean and soft cotton cloth and dip it in hot water. Squeeze it and put it gently on the affected area. Warm compress fights against inflammation and stays away from infection. But beware of burn the delicate tissues while using the warm compress. It helps you to get rid of pain and irritation.

Sitz Bath

sitz bath

One of the best and easy methods to prevent vaginal cysts is the sitz bath of warm water. Fill your sitz bath with hot water and put it on the toilet sheet. Sit on the sheet for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This process will give you relief as you sit on it. It helps to diminish discomfort by encouraging drainage in the vaginal cyst. Also, it lessens the chances of infection and keeps vaginal area clean. You should apply this remedy daily until your cysts get improvement. Additionally, you can mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in it. You can use bathtub instead of sitz.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Use pure apple cider vinegar and apply it with the help of a cotton ball on your vaginal cyst. It promotes the healing process. If the concentration of vinegar cause discomfort, then you can enhance its dilution by mixing water in it. Also, you can soak your affected area in the water and vinegar solution for at least 20-30 minutes. Do this process two or three times in a day until your cysts cure, and feel better. Its anti-inflammatory property manages the infection and reabsorbs the cyst.



Turmeric is well known for its medical value. The presence of curcumin substance in the turmeric allows it to have anti-inflammatory properties. It fights against discomfort and inflammation. It treats and reduces the symptoms of infection because it has antiseptic and antibiotic personality. You can consume 1 or 2 tablespoons of turmeric. Additionally, you can make a paste of it by mixing turmeric and water. Apply it to the affected area and allow it to rest for one or two hours to treat your cysts. You can take it with warm milk as well. Be cautious while using this method because it can cause yellowish stains on your skin and fabrics.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil

It is considered as one of the best penetrating oil. Using it is a favorable treatment for such abnormalities. It helps your cyst to burst out and cures rapidly. It has outstanding antibacterial possessions that help you to stay away from agony and infection and kills all the bacteria. You should not utilize it directly. So, the very first step to operate this process is to dilute this tea tree oil in the carrier oil such as coconut oil. Then, apply it with a cotton ball. Also rinse your affected area with this mixture daily.



It is the home remedy used for any vaginal cysts. It is famous for its antibiotic property that kills bacteria near the cysts. Therefore, it mitigates the risk of infection. Furthermore, it boosts your immune system that makes you ready to deal with infections and encourage the healing process. You can eat 1 or 2 garlic clove in the morning when having the empty stomach. Or, you can apply crushed garlic in the cysts. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Smear little coconut oil after this to prevent stinging that garlic sometimes offers.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

It also has many beneficial effects and uses in a lot of home remedies. It also has antibiotics properties that are an excellent opponent of infections. Always use fresh aloe vera gel and mix two tablespoons of it in half tablespoon of turmeric to make a thick paste. Spread it on the vaginal cyst with the help of a cotton swab. Leave it for 40-50 minutes. Its smooth paste soothes itching and delivers comfort. Use this procedure again and again until your cyst disappear.


Probiotics are micro-organisms pouch that contains health favorable bacteria and yeasts good for overall health. People involve it in their healthy diet. It helps one to fight against inflammation and eliminates the infection. It boosts your immune health and balances all the bacteria favor for the body. It desolates the family of bacteria that are responsible for infected vaginal cysts. It shows benefits towards your urinary tract and keeps it clean.

Alkaline Diet

Alkaline diet has a good reputation in the field to prevent diseases. It has the potent property of anti-inflammation. Also, it helps you to get rid of cyst pain or discomfort. It is a vegan diet that allows improving your immune system as well. It chiefly contains eating loads of vegetables and fruits good for health. It carries dark leafy greens such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, and kale. While suffering from the bacterial infection, it is better to replace your diet with nutritious and raw or lightly cooked vegetables. Also, cysts require certain nuts and beans to disappear without staying for longer.

Vitamin-rich Diet

Nutritious foods also play an essential role in dealing with cysts type diseases. Foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin D both are having good responses. These vitamins have high antioxidants property naturally. They improve your immune health and fight with bacteria responsible for your ill health by promoting the healing process. They also fight off free radical damage. Foods such as orange, mushrooms, eggs, soya bean, cow milk, oats, etc. are light and full of nutrients. Also, they are easy to digest and suitable for infectious health.

Herbal Tea

green tea for acne

The herbal product has exceptional nutritional value. It is considered as an effective treatment for vaginal cysts. Chamomile tea is one of the herbal tea that has to do with agony feeling. The warm nature of this tea prevents the irregularity of monthly periods by galvanizing blood flow in the uterus and pelvic area. All you have to do is to boil two tablespoons of dried chamomile tea in a cup of hot water. Allow it to cook for 5 minutes. Then strain and drink it 2-4 times daily. It will recover cysts within few days.

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