Home Remedies to Treat Typhoid Fever

Typhoid is a bacterial infection associated with fever in the human body. It affects or damages several organs of the body. Typhoid fever is highly transmittable disease and can be life-threatening if it’s not treated on time. It spread without taking time. So stay away from an infected person. To escape from such bacterial infection, people should prefer healthy and fresh food and get vaccinated time to time.

Typhoid cause by “Salmonella Typhi” or salmonella serotype Typhi. It is also a big reason for food poisoning. Typhoid symptoms start to appear in a human body after 10-30 days by the time person gets infected by these bacteria. These bacteria usually grow in the intestines and blood. It enters into the body by eating or drinking contaminated food (through the mouth) or water and stay for 3-4 weeks. After that, it spreads into other tissues and organs. The immune system also works clumsily during this. Therefore, it results in mediocre sanitation. The high complication occurs when a large number of bacteria enter into the body and cause bacteremia that follows by pneumonia. In such case, hepatitis can also take place.

In typhoid, a person doesn’t face all the sins instantly. It harms as days pass over. Fever and rashes are the primary symptoms of typhoid. Initially, the infected one suffers from a minor illness. But later, the temperature goes to touch the top or 103f-104f. Various indications like abdominal pain, cough, sore throat, headaches, and muscles ache, poor appetite, vomiting, fluctuating mood, chills, enlarged liver, nosebleeds, hallucinations, lethargy, and constipation or diarrhea (constipation in adults and diarrhea in children) can also occur. It also includes other symptoms like delirium, reddish spots on chest and abdomen (temporarily), and bleeding from the rectum.

The primary treatment of typhoid is an oral rehydration solution. After you face such problems, then you can take up various antibiotics like ciprofloxacin (or Capri, mainly for nonpregnant adults), levofloxacin, ceftriaxone (or Rocephin, primarily for children), etc. It takes less than a week to cure the disease. Vaccination is also the best option and highly recommended before one month approximately for those who are walking place to place (including the area where healthful food and sanitation are in worst condition). The vaccine has one injection (vi vaccine), or three capsules (Ty21a vaccine, for alternative days). Vi vaccine is more efficient than pills, but people prefer Ty21a because it doesn’t have injection’s needle pain. However, Ty21a is not okay for those having a weak immune system, such as HIV patients or who suffer from chemotherapy. It is also not suitable for children under six ages, whereas vi vaccines can be delivered just after two years age. After having the vaccination treatment, one can feel a little soreness, hardness or swell temporarily at the injected place. Severe cases of typhoid require hospitalization, but if it is diagnosed at an early age, it can be cured at home using some home remedies. Some home remedies are below:-

Fluid Intake

Dehydration can occur due to several diseases. To keep your body hydrated, take water, herbal teas, fresh fruit’s juices, glucose water, buttermilk, soups, etc. Always use boiled, bottled and purified water and drink 10-15 liters of water daily. You can include ORS in it that will help to cure quickly by mitigating the intensity of typhoid. It is effortlessly available in every health store, or you can muster it at home. Take 4 cups of water, add a half tablespoon of salt and six tablespoons of sugar in it and then blend it thoroughly. You can use it multiple times a day.

Note:- always remember, never drink too much water during illness.



Apple cider vinegar is best for typhoid fever. It provides energy, and its acidic property will reduce the temperature of the body by draining heat out. It also offers minerals to your body. So, take a half tablespoon of raw and unfiltered vinegar and mix it into a glass of water. Drink it before meals for 5-7 days until you get rid of your fever. You can also add some honey to it to make it better in taste. Besides it, stir one part of apple cider vinegar and two parts of cold water and soak a clean cotton cloth in it. Then, put it on your forehead and abdominal area to lessen your body temperature.


Lemon Juice

It is rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients. It is a natural blood purifier and also an unrefined antiseptic that breaks down the fever and helps in sweating more and more. It prevents nosebleeds due to its coagulating property. So, squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and drink it at least five times in a day that will expel out all the toxins from the body.



Garlic is the most common and widely used herb. It has excellent antibiotic properties. It boosts your immune system. It has components like allicin and selenium that eliminate all the poison from the body. You can also take it frequently in your meals. So, eat two cloves of garlic to reduce your fever in the morning. Alternatively, you can make a soup by adding a half tablespoon of crushed garlic, one cup of milk and four cups of water and boil it until it remains 1\4 of its initial amount. Drink it three times a day. And make sure you avoid it to pregnant women and children.



It is used for many medical purposes. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac properties that fight for our healthy body. Cloves’ essential oil, also known as eugenol, kills the bacteria that cause typhoid. It also soothes vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, boil 4-6 clove buds in 8 cups of water until it becomes half of its original quantity. Keep it aside and allow cooling. Drink it many times a day until you get relief from your fever.



Honey is regarded as the best home remedy to cure typhoid fever. It has antibiotic nature that fights with bacteria and boosts your immunity. It is readily available in the confectionery shop or pharmacy. So drink it by adding in a glass of lukewarm water several times a day. It is incredibly beneficial in treating fever.



It is considered as a helpful home remedy that deals with high fever and diarrhea. The banana has a fiber called pectin that has soluble nature and absorbs the liquid of intestine, and it cooperates to digest liquids. Potassium existing in bananas eases the replacement of electrolytes loses during typhoid. So, take two mashed bananas, one tablespoon of honey and half tablespoon of yogurt and make a mixture. Eat this mix 3-4 times a day for several weeks. You can devour 2-3 ripe bananas in a day usually.


Orange Juice

Fruits provide a cooling effect as it yields relaxation from discomfort and nervousness caused by fever. It is rich in vitamins and minerals besides water. It revitalizes our immune system and fights against dehydration. So, include 2-3 oranges in your daily diet or have a glass of juice every day. You can add some lime juice with orange juice to make it more potent.

Basil Leaves and Black Pepper

basil leaves & black pepper

Basil leaves and black pepper both have antibacterial properties, but their mixture is more efficacious in dealing with bacteria causing typhoid. These enhance our immunity and strengthen all the body tissues. It also improves our bowel movement. So, granulate 4-5 leaves of basil, 7-8 black peppers and 6-8 saffron strands and make a paste. Brew the small tablets using this paste and take 2-3 times in a day. You can also prepare a tasty mixture by taking a cup of water, 15-20 basil leaves, 6-10 black pepper, one tablespoon of crushed ginger and one tablespoon of honey. Then boil it up and drink it twice a day. It will reduce your fever within a few days.

Everyone should be careful about the health. They should follow some diet rule if they are infected. In case of high fever, always use a cold compressor and drink liquid as much as you can. Avoid fried, oily or spicy food, dairy products, ice-creams, carbonated drinks, white sugar, bakery products, caffeinated food, etc. Eat high-nutrition meal containing protein, carbohydrate, fiber, iron, potassium, and sodium and always drink vegetable soup. Conserve your surroundings hygienic. Take a proper bed rest as typhoid weakens your body. Never go out until you are infected because it spreads very rapidly. Remember to be vaccinated time to time.

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