How Blazers can Protect you in Winter?

Are you too among those who feel wearing a blazer in winters cannot be stylish and thus, has to be boring? Well, if it is so, you would definitely love to be proved wrong. There are a lot of ways to style blazers in winters and if you’re a fashion person, you just can’t let go of these.

The fashion bloggers, celebrities and influences are always found giving major outfit inspirations and most of it includes a blazer in winters. Not only does a Blazer outfit makes a great fashion statement, it also protects against the cold.

Let’s know how you can create cool clothing combinations with your Blazer and other warm clothes while keeping in mind the chill in your atmosphere. Here are some references:

  1. For the chilled Friday evenings, use a checkered blazer to get a polish, edgy look. Keep it casual with a pair of old jeans and a tee and transform it into a classy look with the blazer. No matter if it’s a lunch meeting or a dinner date, you’re ready for both!
  2. Get a blazer in clean, neutral tone to get the overall elevated feel. Pair with black jeans and a white pullover and you’re ready for night out with your friends, date with your special one or just shopping.
  3. Blazer on a hoodie also makes a great combination. Just put a long-checked blazer over a hoodie and a sleek skirt. If you love to have that “minimal effort and maximum impact” look, this one is definitely for you. So, the next time you leave for an outing, carry this simple yet totally stylish effect with you.
  4. Ever tried buttoning up your blazer? If not, this is the time. A buttoned-up blazer not only protects you from the cold but also gives you a polished effect. A casual tee with a pair of jeans and a scarf along with the blazer will give you a complete look.
  5. Draping the blazer is so much in trend. You don’t have to wear it but simply toss it on your shoulders and drape it on you. This look gives you an elegant as well as professional look and makes you ready for a casual outing or even for work. Stylish, isn’t it?

So, these are a few ideas on how you can style a blazer without compromising with the much-needed warmth in winters. So, the next time you have “nothing to wear”, pick any of the above-mentioned style and get the styling yet warm feel.

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