How long does Drug Rehab Centers take to Treat Drug Addicts

Drug rehabilitation centers have been flooding with drug addicts on a large scale and it simply indicates the growing menace of drug addiction across the globe. Most people don’t have the right knowledge about drug rehab and hence they ask others about the length of de-addiction programs that drug rehabilitation centers offer. It might be frightening on the part of a patient to stay at such centers for a long time. And many people don’t prefer to visit the drug de-addiction center because of this reason.

However, we must tell you that the length of drug de-addiction treatment varies from person to person. It all depends on the level of addiction and the time requires to change the wiring of the brain to stop a person from being dependent on drugs. Across the globe, many governments are declaring a medical emergency to tackle the increasing number of drug addiction cases. And the opening of drug rehabilitation centers is one such step that they have taken to proceed in this context. Below, we have enlisted the different drug treatment programs available at drug rehabs.

  • 30-Day Program – The most common rehab program for drug addiction treatment is a 30-day program. It is beneficial for a patient to opt for this program in the beginning in order to ascertain the length of treatment one needs to go with. Not only is it an easier program due to its shortest duration but also it costs less on the part of a patient.
  • 60-Day Program – This is a longer program than the previous one and it gives sufficient time to a drug addict to fully detox drugs or alcohol from his body. During therapy sessions, attempts are made to bring behavioral changes to patients to help them heal their bodies in a limited time.
  • 90-Day Program – Out of all the three programs, this is the most effective drug de-addiction program as it offers a lot of time to cure a person of any drug addiction. Under this program, it is possible to detect potential triggers and it helps to maintain sobriety for a long time after the recovery period.

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