How to detect toxins in teeth after Root Canal Treatment?

Detecting of toxins in the teeth after the root canal treatment is a very difficult task. Although many X-Ray diagnostic techniques are available in the medical sector, these techniques do not give 100% assurance about the presence of microbes at the place of dead tissue. To solve this problem, OroTox test was introduced sometimes back. It is in high use by various dental experts and they are getting a positive response for their service.

OroTox Test – A Short and Simple Procedure to Detect Toxins after RCT

OroTox test has been in high use because of its ability to detect the presence of bacteria on the dead tooth. In this procedure, a biological sample is taken from the gingival pocket of a given tooth and it is then mixed with some chemical agents to carry out a reaction. After the reaction, the color produced in the reaction is matched with a colored template which simply indicates the presence and the activity of pathogenic bacteria. The intensity of color simply indicates the amount of bacteria accumulated in the root canal.

The OroTox test is conducted in two versions to obtain the results. In one version, the detection of the presence of sulfur compounds is made and it is a variant to estimate the presence of microbial bacteria in the gingival pocket of the tooth. In the other version, the sample is taken into consideration in order to detect the presence of inflammatory proteins. This part eventually helps in determining the impact of bacteria on the working of the immune system.

Importance of OroTox Test in the Dental Industry

OroTox test enjoys the high importance in the dental industry as it is highly used to prevent serious health issues by detecting the toxins in the root canal. Recently, a Poland-based dental clinic announced about the use of OroTox test in his clinic named, Dentysta. Dr. Marcin Krufczyk, the dentist (gabinet stomatologiczny) at the Polish dental clinic has carried out OroTox test for many dental patients to help them aware of their dental health.

Hence, by helping to detect the presence of toxins and microbes in the dead tooth, OroTox test is helping to prevent many circulatory diseases, inflammation in the periodontal tissues and the damage to the brain.


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