How to Grow Tall when you are 18 Years Old?

Many people are not really satisfied with the height they have attained. What can you do in that case? So many people ask this query if they can do something about their height or not. And if you are also one of them, then you definitely are not alone.

Normally it is said that a person can grow tall only till he is 18 years old. And if you have reached that age, you cannot grow more taller. But that is so not true.

There are many things you can do at the age of 18 which can help you grow taller a bit more. In fact, there is a guide for all ages that can help you no matter how old you are.


For almost every problem, the food you eat matters a lot. A lot of problems can be solved if you take the right nutrition. And when we say that, we mean a fully balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates.

When the body is not producing enough growth hormones, you can fasten the process by having the right kind of food. This the fuel you need to grow tall and strong. Some of the essential food items you should definitely consume in this case are milk, nuts, and leafy vegetables.


So far you attained your height partly due to your age, and partly due to your exercise and activities. Now also you can grow taller by doing the right exercises. Doing Exercise regularly can stimulate the growth hormones and can give you the desired height.

And for that, yoga or normal exercises are not the only solution. You can also go for running, take a swim for some long duration, or go play some sport of your choice. This would definitely help you in the goal you wish to achieve.

Proper Sleep

Yes, this is very important!

Children grow maximum when they are sleeping. And when you sleep, your body is still functioning. Hence, 8 hours of sleep is mandatory for every individual. This not only helps in increasing the height, but also keeps you fresh and stress free as you wake up to carry out other day’s tasks.

For more ideas and tips, you can also check Height Maximizer, which is the ultimate guide for you. Here you will find plenty of ideas that are easily doable and can give you the desired effects.

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