IVF- Things To Do For Higher Success Rate

IVF or In vitro fertilization is a big procedure and it is a big decision for a couple when they take to go for an IVF cycle. Obviously in their mind there comes the question that what are the do and don’ts for the IVF cycle. So in this article, specialists from Nisha IVF which is one of the Best IVF Centre in Ahmedabad, explains a few things that you should take care of during your IVF cycle.

As per our specialists, we should divide the IVF cycle into two different parts. One part is when you’re waiting for the cycle to begin that means the IVF cycle is yet to begin and the doctor has put you on some medications to optimize your egg reserve, your semen quality, maybe your uterus texture, or anything else. The second part is the post-fertilization stage. IVF is a costly treatment method. Click Here to know the cost of IVF. You should know & follow all the recommendation of specialists in order to increase the chances of success. So, now comes the question, what to do and what not to do.

Well, Dr. Mohit Saraogi, who is one of the Best IVF Specialist in Mumbai says there is no other option except following a healthy lifestyle. He says that your lifestyle, diet, day to day activities plays a key role in the success of your treatment. So, let’s try to understand the impact of these things on your treatment process.

Healthy Lifestyle:

So, things you should focus on are a healthy lifestyle, good sleep habits, don’t take any stress. Make sure you are sleeping for sufficient time every day. Well, we know that it is easy to say but difficult to follow. But still, you need to put all your stress hormones at bay because stress hormones are a big dampening in any IVF success rate.

Healthy Food:

Your diet plays a very important role in the procedure. You have to eat very healthily, you have to take all the multivitamins and maybe the pre-conceptual drugs that the doctor has advised you and all the medications on time. Try to include whole grains & zinc-rich food in your diet & avoid junk foods. Green vegetables & fruits will be helpful.

No Addiction:

You need to follow all the precautions that a doctor has given you. Stay out of all sorts of drug abuse all sorts of alcohol, cigarette intake. Anything that you are doing that is not natural please don’t do it. Any type of addiction might reduce the chances of success. So, if you have any such habits discuss with your doctor.

Regular Exercise:

Try to exercise because exercise increases your blood supply to all the organs and also the genital parts. So you must exercise daily at least for half an hour. It is important to take time from your busy schedules because usually patients who are facing infertility issues are also leading a very hectic lifestyle.

Recreational Activities:

It’s very important for you to invest some time into other things whatever reduces your stress. Maybe somebody feels like going out for painting, to do a meditation, or any other recreational activities. Do things that make you happy. This will help to reduce stress & will ultimately improve the chances of IVF success.

Electronic Gadgets:

Obviously, you are using electronic media in your workplace but please try to curtail yourself from it when you are at your home or you are at your ease. Stay away from radiation to improve the chances. Totally avoid all people who are giving stress to you. Ignore people who are talking about your fertility issues and giving you a lot of stress.

IVF Cycle Precautions:

Now coming to the IVF cycle when the doctor has checked that your hormones are through and decided to put you on an ovulation induction injection. During this time also you need to follow the same lifestyle that you were following earlier. Along with that, you need to take plenty of liquids and a high-protein diet because now you are preparing for the egg to be harvested and retrieved.

Taking Injections:

Take all your injections on time. Try to avoid taking injections home & even if you are taking injections home, try to maintain the cold chain. It’s better to take the injections at the hospital because there are trained nurses who will be giving it to you & the cold chain will be properly maintained as it is very important.

Ovum Pickup:

Now coming to the procedure that is the ovum pickup, that is the most important day of the IVF cycle because that day only decides how many eggs are retrieved. So, first and foremost you have to follow the doctor’s instructions, give all your blood tests, the hormonal tests that are required before the ovum pick up.

Trigger Injection:

Take your last injection which is called the trigger injection or maturity injection of the eggs on time. Reach the hospital 5 minutes earlier and just see to it that you are injected on time. Secondly, that cold chain of the last injection also has to be maintained. It is always kept in the lower compartment of the fridge so try to just ensure that it is not kept in the freezer.

Other Medications:

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If by chance you are having any medical disorders and you are taking medications for any thyroid disorders or hypertension discuss it with your doctor. If you are diabetic then definitely if you’re on insulin. You need to see your endocrinologist as well as the infertility specialist and you take your precaution list and follow it very cautiously.

Sexual Intercourse:

You have to maintain abstinence with your husband a minimum of 2 to 5 days before the day of ovum pick up. It is very necessary because one sample of fresh sperm is usually taken on the day of ovum retrieval. So, sexual intercourse during this period can cause a massive problem thus reducing the chances of IVF success.

Other Precautions:

On the day of ovum pick up you have to be a minimum of 6 hours fasting before the procedure because general light anesthesia is given to you. You have to follow all the instructions given by the anesthetist. Don’t use any deodorants, any perfume, or soap for taking a bath on the day of ovum pick up because all things which are carrying a high level of perfumes are gametotoxic.

Bottom Line:

So these are some of the precautions that need to be carried by the patient very nicely. Remember, you have to be very stress-free and very much cool and confident especially on the day of ovum pick up to increase the chances of success. You should put all your anxiety at bay to have a very healthy ovum pick up and to get healthy ocytes.

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