How to Choose Right Cannabis for You?

Those lucky ones to obtain an access to medical weed supply might receive all kinds of special recommendations for particular strains and other types of marijuana-based products. Nevertheless, a great deal of cannabis patients (whether officially confirmed or self-medicating) have to undergo a bit of experimenting and mistaking before choosing the right medical cannabis strains. With a whole bunch of variables worth to be considered when learning how to choose the right medical marijuana strain, the process of finding a perfect one can be really difficult. That’s why we’ve decide to come up with the info on what caregivers and users must know prior to heading to a dispensary on a cannabis website. In order to make things a lot easier, here you got a brief guide on how to choose the right cannabis strain for you.

All marijuana strains are traditionally classified into three main groups – indicas, sativas and their hybrids. And though there might be much debate about the accuracy of the classification, here is some general information on what you should definitely know about the weed strains.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Strains for You: Indica

Herbs classified as cannabis indica often express definite physical characteristics, such as, for example, broad leaves and quite short, dumpy plants. As for its effects, indica is often described as a generally sedative strain with pronounced physically relaxing, heavy-bodied and numbing qualities.

Strains classified as indicas appear to have much higher levels of myrcene – the aroma component that provides a musky flavor to dried flowers. Accordingly, the higher the levels of this component, the more powerful and drowsy a strain will be. Overall, marijuana indica strains are claimed to be highly beneficial for all kinds of insomnia, chronic muscle pain, appetite disorders, muscle tension and spasms, depression and anxiety (consumed in low doses) and stresses.

How to Choose the Right Medical Cannabis Strains: Sativa

Again, there’s much to debate on the topic, yet one thing is absolutely clear – sativa strains express both tall and slow growth sizes and pretty narrow leaves. Concerning the effects, strains classified as sativa appear to provide more uplifting effects, similar to a cup of strong coffee or tea.

Choosing the best cannabis strain for your specific case, it is important to consider such abbreviations as THC and CBD. For example, if indicas are richer for CBD, making you feel more relaxed, sativa strains possess higher THC ratio, contributing to their more stimulating and energizing effects. As a rule, sativa strains are used to treat the following disorders: chronic fatigue, migraines and headaches, all kinds of pain, glaucoma, anxiety and depression (in low doses) and applied to improve focus and concentration.

How to Choose the Best Marijuana Strain: Hybrids

While the bigger part of weed strains out there turn to be hybrids, those are wildcards. The point is, hybrid strains are usually described as indica/sativa dominant or well-balanced. If you’ve decided to stop at hybrid, it will be good to do some research on the stuff you wish to buy ahead of time to figure out about its effect.

If possible, checking out for the levels of myrcene in the preferred strain will definitely tell you how strong the expected effect from the bud will be. Myrcene level over 0.5% suggests that the strain may produce the well-known cannabis “couch-lock” effect. Hybrids are traditionally more potent than pure indicas or sativas strains.

Another important factor to consider when selecting cannabis strains is the ratio of cannabinoids. The final effect depends on THC and CBD – the most potent and interesting cannabinoids. If you are interested only in the therapeutic possibilities of the pot and want to avoid the high effect, you need varieties with a high content of CBD and almost zero content of THC. Cannabinoid THC is just that chemical compound that creates buzz in your mind and causes euphoria. CBD does not have a psychotropic effect, but provides deep physical relaxation.

Always pay attention to this factor before choosing a variety of cannabis. It should be noted that all types of cannabis in one way or another contain a small amount of THC. If you need a pure CBD, it is best to buy a special extract or concentrated cannabis oil, where THC is guaranteed to be missing. Choose a strain that suits your goals according these nuances.

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