Technological Trends Coming Up In Software Development Process

Technology has affected the running of every industry in the world. In the world working in pandemic, technological solutions are needed to be safer, more efficient and speedy especially in the healthcare industry. New trends have come up in the healthcare software development process in the current scenario.

Trend 1- Telemetry and remote monitoring

With Covid 19 hitting the world more and more things got digitized. There is now a need to have remote monitoring devices in all working and living spaces. The use of technology is must for everyone involved following the pandemic outbreak. Technology assists  the one in need of medical attention with better quality and timeliness. The complete medical process is streamlined with the use of technology.

Trend 2- Telemedicine

It is not easy to get appointments in the hospital. Thus hospitals have started tele-healthcare services to increase the efficiency of reaching out to people. With this the clinical workflow is in its advanced stage and the needs of patients are answered thus they need not physically visit the hospital if it isn’t an emergency.

Trend 3- Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

The digital health scenario has advanced with artificial intelligence being used to treat the patients by many healthcare service providers. With this minimal human error takes place and the cost of medical service has reduced.

In future the use of artificial intelligence is supposed to grow in bounds with robot assisted surgeries taking place in various parts of the world. Fraud detection will be easier, the diagnosis will be possible in preliminary stages, and dosage error will be reduced with new technology.

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