Things you should know about Tanning Lotions

Having that sun kissed skin tone feels so much wonderful, right?

Most of the people work on getting that skin tone by variety of methods. By either resting on the beach and exposing your skin to get tanned, or using the tanning lotions all over the body, people are doing anything it takes to get that tone. And just because of them, the tanning lotion industry today has become a multi billion dollar industry.

However, finding the best tanning lotion for your skin is quite a difficult task. But before you go hunting for the best lotion for yourself, let me first introduce you to the tanning lotion concept clearly.

Here are few things you should definitely know when we talk about tanning lotion.

What do the lotions do?

Other than giving you that sun kissed look, tanning lotions also nourish your body and keep it hydrated, thereby making it appear fresh and healthy. Using these, you can get a very deep long lasting tan look.

These lotions work by increasing the melanin production in your skin, hence increasing the tone of your skin few shades darker.

How to select lotion?

There are 3 types of tanning lotions – indoor, outdoor, and sunless. When you go to the market to purchase the tanning lotion, make sure you are aware of how you want to get tanned. Each of the type works differently in different circumstances.

So depending upon your skin type, and what kind of tanning you need, you would pick the tanning lotion.

Types of Lotion

Indoor – Here, the tanning lotion works when you have tanning lamps or tanning beds. These lotions do not contain sunscreen component since they work indoors only. So do not apply this when you are going out. It won’t save you from that sunburn. Indoor tanning lotions do not damage the tanning beds, while outdoor lotions do. So don’t use outdoor lotions indoor.

Outdoor – Here, you use the tanning lotion when you go on a beach. But while choosing, make sure your lotion has the sunscreen to protect you from harmful rays. Now apply the lotion on your body and relax under the sun. You will start noticing the results pretty soon.

Sunless – These are the self tanners which will impart quick coloring to your skin. But this color will soon fade after few days. So, these results are temporary and artificial. And that is the reasons why sunless tanning lotions are becoming more popular in the world.

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