What exactly is a Car Health Monitor?

We are surrounded by many electronic gadgets such as virtual reality gadgets, smartphones and other devices which respond to sound. Till a few years ago, automobile sector was unattended by such gadgets, but now car health monitors are making the vehicle a smart vehicle. The car health monitors are getting popularity among car owners due to their functionality and features.

What is a Car Health Monitor

As the name suggests, car health monitor gadget checks the health of your vehicle to ensure a healthy ride for driver and passengers. Once this gadget is installed in your car, it will start collecting issues related to the car. For example, it will notify you, when to go to a service center to repair the car. According to revscheckreport (https://www.revscheckreport.com.au), a used car must pass through REVs test to keep its owner healthy.

How it works

Though there are many companies which are making this device, the technology they are using is almost the same. A sensor is installed on OBD-II port of your car. OBD also checks the fault in the vehicle, but only when it occurs. The sensor sends a message to your smartphone before a fault occurs or is about to happen. Once you have purchased a car health monitor and installed its application on your mobile phone, you need to create an account. Then plug in the device in your OBD-II port of your car. The last step is to connect the device with the mobile application via bluetooth.

Many people think that car health monitors work only in new cars, but it is not hundred percent true. You can install this device on a vehicle which was manufactured in and after 1996. All the cars of this time period contain OBD-II port near the glove box which you can use to install the device.

Why use Car Health Monitor 

There is no legal requirement to install car health monitor in the car but having the car health monitor gives you many advantages. It is like a physician of your car which checks all the issues in it and notifies or suggests you some diagnoses. This gadget is not expensive to buy and can be installed or operated without any training. It tells you some tips to keep your car fault free and lower the amount of money you spend in the garage.

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