What is a Matcha Latte or Match Green Tea?

If you are a regular customer of a cafe or a coffee/tea shop, you might have noticed some changes in the menu, where new varieties of tea and coffee were introduced. One of those options is matcha latte, a drink.

But what exactly is this drink? And not just matcha latte, matcha is all over the internet in various forms, including latte, smoothies, desserts, and so on. So before I move on to describing you about matcha latte, let me first introduce you to matcha.


Matcha is a powder that comes from Japan. This powder is formed by crushing the stoneground green tea leaves. You might already know that actual green tea leaves have more benefits than the usual powdered form you consume. Same applies to coffee too.

But with Matcha, since they are derived from grounded leaves, the benefits are same as actual green leaves. And this is much more healthy than your regular green tea. Matcha usually provides a person with a powerful punch of antioxidants, as compared to other tea.

Usually, people seep the green tea bag in their cup of hot water and take that out. With matcha, you are actually drinking the whole tea leaf since this is in highly powdered form. Thereby, giving you heavy dose of antioxidants, and the benefits you would otherwise get from 2-3 cups of green tea.

You can also check out matcha green tea blog to get in depth knowledge on this type of Green Tea.

Matcha Latte

Now let’s talk about the Matcha Latte, for which this article has been written. This is a type of drink you prepare with the Matcha powder. And you can easily do that at your home itself.

To prepare this drink, you have to mix half spoon of matcha powder into hot water, and whisk it till the time you see frothy appearance. This would have a bit creamy taste. That would be all.

But in the cafe or restaurants, when you decide on having Matcha Latte, the drink would come along with milk addition. Just remember, the green tea loses most of its benefits when the milk is added. So a cafe matcha latte might not be similarly beneficial to your body, as is the latte prepared at home.

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