What is Autism and How you can Spread its Awareness?

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a complex neurobehavioral condition which includes challenges with social skills and impairment in verbal communication skills with rigid, repetitive behavior. According to Centers of Disease control and Prevention, Artisan Spectrum Disorder affects one in 59 children. It has a wide range of symptoms and covers a large spectrum of skills and levels of impairment.

Variations amongst the Autistic

ASD’s ranges vary from being handicapped, which limits a normal life, to a devastating disability, which may cause one to seek institutional care. Autism has many subtypes, and most of them occur due to genetic and environmental factors.

Each person with autism has his or her own different set of strengths and challenges which they need to face. Some people may live their daily lives without much help while some may need total care and assistance.

The development of Autism can be influenced by different factors which are often accompanied by sensory sensitivities like sleep disorders or mental health issues like anxiety and depression. A child with ASD may show repetitive body movements like rocking, hand flapping or pacing. They may even remain in the same body posture for hours. Their response to people may vary and they also attach themselves to objects unusually. Sometimes, they even develop self-injurious or aggressive behavior. Few autistic children may develop seizures which may not appear before adolescence.

From a different perspective

What people don’t know is that no two people with autism behave the same. Hence more and more awareness should be spread about this disorder, which will help the children and their parents to deal with this condition. Awareness about this condition may be spread via various methods, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Educating Self – The first and foremost thing to do is to educate self properly with autism before spreading its awareness.
  • Active Participation – Many people are already working to spread awareness about Autism. More and more people can take part in it.
  • Raising Funds- People can take part in events to raise funds for autism awareness programs and to educate the people more about this condition.

Breaking stereotypes – It’s time to break away from the stereotypes. People should promote ability and not disability. People should be made aware that autistic people, despite their disabilities, may lead a healthy life and have some considerable strength which the normal people lack.

If one is with ASD, volunteer him or her to therapy. Taking action and getting involved is the best way to make a difference.

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