What is Implantation Cramping?

Every girl experiences cramps in her life, every month. They are a part of their life, coming clockwise each cycle.

BUT, not all cramps are related to your periods. Did you know that you can experience cramps when you are expecting as well. But it is better not to jump to the conclusion that you are pregnant. There can be various reasons for cramps, and pregnancy is one of them – which is called implantation cramps.

Implantation Cramping

Before we move ahead and tell how 2 cramps are different from each other, let’s first understand what implantation cramping is.

Implantation cramps happen when a newly fertilized egg burrows itself into the walls of the uterus. If this happens, there can be minor pain for short duration. After a few days of this pain, head for the pregnancy test. Probably you are expecting a positive result.

Many women, more than 50%, do not even experience such pains or discomfort during the implantation stage. On average, only 30% women experience implantation cramps, which might or might not be followed by little spotting.

But if the results are positive, yet the cramps are severe, there can be numerous causes to that.

  • Miscarriage
  • Urinary tract infections
  • placental abruption
  • preterm labor
  • Or simply just gas or growing uterus

It is must to visit your doctor in case the severity is high. You might just be having gas, but it is better to rule out all the other dangerous reasons.

How to recognize?

Now when you know what is implantation cramping, how would you recognize that this is not periods cramping? There can be various reasons for cramps. How to identify it is due to implantation and not any other reason?

Implantation cramps are not severe. If you feel severe pain, you should head to the doctor because that is certainly not due to implantation. During such cramps, you feel a little tingling sensation, which does not become intense with time. These cramps are felt all around the lower stomach.

If the cramps occur 2-7 days before your periods, it can probably be the menstrual cramps. Or even if it happens immediately after your periods, that can also be due to menstruation. So basically, any cramps happening close to your menstrual cycle can be ruled out easily.

When you talk about implantation, that happens generally 6 to 12 days after ovulation. So during this time, experiencing cramps can be a sign of pregnancy.

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