What is the Right way to use a Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is one of the most used commodity by people all over the world. While many are just habitual to its usage, others use it occasionally as they feel.

But how many of you actually know how to use the sunscreen the right way? Many people just apply sunscreen once before they step out in the sun. And don’t use that again the rest of the day. BUT, this is surely not the right way. And probably that is why you might not notice any positive results by applying sunscreen.

So let’s look at how you should actually use it to get the most benefits.

Use daily

Like I told above, many people use it whenever they remember or very rarely. That would not give you any benefit of using this cream or lotion. Rather, make it a habit that you use your sunscreen daily before you step out of the house.

Most of the people have bad reaction to chemicals in sunscreen. And hence they altogether stop using any such cream. However, when you have an option to use natural sunscreen, why do you have to worry? Use this natural cream, but don’t stop applying the sunscreen.

Use every time you step out of house

Not just when the sun is shining bright, use sunscreen even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Be it the morning time, evening time, breezy day, cloudy day, or any kind of day. Use sunscreen. The purpose of sunscreen is to protect you from harmful UV rays. And those are present even when the sun is not shining on your head.

So, those who have a misconception that it works only when you step out in afternoon day light, you should reconsider your views. If you want to notice better and effective results, use it every time you go out.

Be generous, and use frequently

Apply sunscreen on all of your body before moving out. And be generous in the amount you use. Just touching the cream on your face won’t protect you. Your body parts should be generously covered with the sunscreen.

Also, use the cream after every 2 hours at max, when you are outside. And if you are sweating or swimming, use it immediately after. Applying it every few hours will keep you covered and safe for a very long time.

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