Home Remedies For Worms in Cats

Many people love animals, and it is just because of the love towards animals only that they keep them (animals) as pets. Among the most known pets, one is the cat. But this love can be proved to be expensive if the humans get infected by worms in cats. Before discussing much the topic Home Remedies for Worms in Cats, we should have the brief idea about the same. If the feces of infected felines get ingested, then the cats acquire worms. These worms can also be from the mother cat to its kitten. There are three types of worms in cats. They are roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. The most common internal parasites in cats are roundworms. If the size of hookworms is considered, then they are smaller than roundworms. Roundworms are more than one inch in size if compared to hookworms. They acquire their place in the small intestine of the cats. If the intermediate host like infected rodent or flea is injected, then the cats acquire tapeworms. It is observed on the fur around the hind end of the cats. The pieces of the worms look like the pieces of rice.

Now we come to our main point of discussion i.e. Home Remedies For Worms In Cats. The home remedies for worms in cats are explained below.

Consumption of Raw Pumpkin Seeds

It is preferred to consume raw pumpkin seeds because of its anti-parasitic properties of high level. If there is a presence of any adult parasite or larvae, then this remedy proves to be helpful in killing it. The returning of any adult parasite or larvae can also be avoided by the intake of raw pumpkin seeds. If these seeds are added to the food of the cats, then it will fight against the parasites or worms within the intestine. A cat is a very smart animal and hence smells out the presence of pumpkin seeds in normal food. The best way one can try is to mix the powder of the same with some other food items in a nominal amount and keep on providing that food item frequently so that it can have sufficient seeds that can create a required effect on its health and body.

Consumption of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

One of the best remedies to combat internal and external parasite or worm within cats is food grade diatomaceous earth.  The sedimentary mineral rock that is natural in its form is diatomaceous earth. It is the natural agent of parasite or worm fighting. If the cat eats this food grade diatomaceous earth, then it is very helpful in killing and preventing worms. Usually, the cat does not eat the earth, but if the powder of earth is spread and some chemical is spread over it which the cat loves such as milk, it can have the earth consumed which can lead to desired have desired health benefits to this lovely pet.

Good Litter Box Hygiene

As we love animals a lot, therefore, we keep them in our homes. Some people love the cat so much they keep more than one cat at home. As a result of it, these cats are prone to get infected by worms from each other’s health condition also. The risk does not lie on the cats only but also on the owner of the cat as some contagious diseases can affect the human health also. For such a case it is advisable to place each cat into a good separate litter box which provides a hygienic environment for the cats. These litter boxes are required to be cleaned with bleach and water at frequent intervals. We should wash our hands after cleaning the litter box. Litter box prevents not only worms of the cats, but it is also meant for guests. As there are some people, who do not like animals. If such people are our guests, then litter box proves to be beneficial. As if the cat is placed in the litter box, then the contact between guests and cats can be avoided, and hence the guests can also enjoy their visit and cat can also live freely. Even the cats roaming around the house freely use to give the bad impression in the front of guests. So, for the proper presentation of our cats, they are placed in the litter box. Therefore, adoption of good litter box hygiene proves to be beneficial in every respect.

Consumption of Garlic Powder

Garlic is a combination of anti-bacterial and antiseptic qualities. Garlic is very useful food product not only for humans but also for animals. Garlic entails the Parasite or worm fighting agents naturally. The smell of this vegetable helps them keep away, and the properties can assist the animal to remove the worms. The consumption of garlic by the cat enables the removal of any parasite or worm which is present in the tract of the intestine. As cat eats mice, so another way of avoiding worms is to give crushed garlic to mice. The garlic powder should be added in the morning and evening meal for two weeks so as to provide better results. This vegetable can help the pet to have clean digestive tract and hence overall a good state of health. You can try to mix the garlic powder with the powder of bread mixed with sweet chemicals like honey so that cat can be inspired to consume the same. Here you must remember that there must not be any force applied on this pet to use these remedies, but you need to act smartly and mix it with other items that are preferred by the cat. One can check mixing of garlic pieces mixed in a cake and make the cake eat the same. The cake is a delicious item that is loved by a cat, and with a few pieces of the same, the garlic can offer incredible effects on the health of the cat and particularly on the digestive tract. However, you should take enough care as many times the cat eats the cake but the throw away the pieces of the garlic. In such situation, this remedy cannot be of that great help as expected by you.

Natural Herbs

There is the availability of several herbs to eradicate worms in cats. The digestive tract of the cats gets free from the worms through these natural herbs. These herbs avoid the further infestation. The larvae are flushed out from the body through natural herb called as quassia. Worms are removed from the digestive tracts by peppermint and cinnamon. The internal environment created by them for worms is unfriendly. These herbs have various elements that can kill the worms, and the cat who is suffering due to the presence of such worms can be cured. It is obviously not easy to make the cat eat these herbs, but you can make a paste from the same and get them consumed by the cat in a natural way. However, the cat will not love to go for the food such as cinnamon and peppermint which can help it to have a speedy recovery.

Cleaning The Home

Although we love animals but to keep animals, we require full hygienic environment. We should clean our home regularly. If we do not clean our home, then cats will become more prone to worms. In search of a new host, unwanted eggs or larvae get attached to unwanted surfaces, which is not possible if we clean our home regularly. To clean our home, we should use vacuum cleaner and bleach. Except excluding worms from the cats, hygienic environment has many health benefits for human beings. Stress is the mother of different types of diseases. By cleaning our home regularly, we can create the stress-free environment in our home. Asthma and dust allergy are the cause of dirty and unhygienic environment. So, we can avoid asthma and dust allergy by cleaning our home regularly. If the home is not cleaned and household materials are scattered here and there, then there are chances to get slipped off which leads to injuries. In other words, cleaning of the home regularly ensures safety to the people living in the home. If the home is not cleaned, then we are much more prone to get grabbed by the germs which lead to many infectious diseases (chikungunya and dengue, etc.). Hence, we can stay away from infectious diseases by cleaning our home regularly.

Consumption of Parsley Water

Parsley water is a container of Antioxidants (present in a large quantity). As it is diuretic, it is helpful in preventing worms of the cats. Basically, parsley is the leaf which is added to the boiled water (at sim flame for 3 minutes). After that, the heat of the content is required to be removed, and the content is allowed to be cooled. The parsley is strained from the water and is stored in the jar. This parsley tea is allowed to be kept in the fridge for two weeks. Cat’s drinking water is added to a ½ tablespoon of parsley tea and thus provided to the cat once in a day. After ten days, deworming treatment of the cat gets completed. This is also known as the easiest yet effectiwve way to carry out the deworming of your lovely cat. As it is made of a herb, there is also no risk of any side effects that can harm your dearest animal.

Consumption of Fresh Papaya

Papaya is the best home remedy to make the worms out of the digestive tract. It is a fact that the worms develop and stay in the digestive tract and until it is cleared the health of the cat cannot be improved. For natural deworming, the best option you can go for is the user of fresh Papaya. It is a fruit that is easy to digest. It possesses various elements that can easily remove the worms from the stomach of the cat. First of all, wash the fresh papaya and chopped it finely. Then, this chopped papaya is to be added to the wet food of the cat, and it is required to be given to the cat once per day for two weeks so as to get 100% result. It also provides different types of nutrients to the cat.  If the cat smells it and avoids eating such a mix, try to mix it with all the items which it may eat. Hence, in any case, the papaya will reach in the digestive tract and remove all the worms from there.

Consumption of Turmeric

Turmeric is not only useful for human beings but also fruitful for animals. Any abdominal pain or discomfort of the cat caused due to the presence of worms can be cured by providing turmeric to it. For preventing worms of the cat, turmeric is the best solution. In addition to it, Turmeric is helpful in healing the wounds or injuries (human beings). The turmeric can also be smelled by the cat easily, and hence there can be little difficulty to make it eat the food with it. However, one can encourage eating the same by mixing it with honey as well as milk. The best combination can be half teaspoonful turmeric, a spoonful honey and a glass of milk. Now just mix them and offer it to your cat. In a majority of the cases, a cat gets trapped with the smell of honey and milk and hence can also eat the turmeric which can offer it numerous health benefits in a short period.

Thus, these are some of the known and time-tested home remedies of the worms in cats. These worms in cats are not only harmful to cats, but also for the human beings. If due care is taken and proper treatment, is done then these worms in cats can be removed with a little but consistent efforts.

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