Yogurt Health Benefits

Yogurt is known for having a rich and creamy taste, but the fact is there are a lot of benefits associated with yogurt, and thus it has a lot of demand in the grocery store where you can easily find a lot of variations of yogurt. Further, it is quite rich in protein as well as calcium. Let, we now move to the health benefits of yogurt.

Helps in Weight Loss

As per the recent study, it has been known that if you replace the unhealthy diet with yogurt, then it can indeed help you to cut down on the calories as well as help to burn the belly fat fast and thus aid in the weight loss.

More Rapid Recovery After Workout

There are a lot of varieties of yogurt available, but the best among them is Greek yogurt as it is considered the healthiest. The ratio of protein to carbohydrate is perfect, and thus it is regarded as a brilliant post-workout snack. Try consuming Greek yogurt within 60 minutes of your workout so that it can release the amino acids which can help to recover the broken muscles.

Blood Pressure is Controlled

Salt is the main reason behind the high blood pressure, and if the high blood pressure is not controlled, then it can lead to various diseases and complication such as kidney disease and hypertension. Yogurt has potassium present within itself which helps to remove excess of sodium from the body.

It Helps to Build Immunity

Yogurt has probiotics present itself that helps to build the immunity, and thus it lowers the chances of being a victim of various diseases. Furthermore, probiotics are also used for strengthening gut health. Yogurt also has zinc and other minerals which are very good for health.

It Protects You Against Osteoporosis

Yogurt has a lot of essential nutrients present in it which can be used to maintain bone health such as protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. All these vitamins are very helpful in preventing osteoporosis, which is a condition in which the bones become weak. Besides this, people who are suffering from osteoporosis tend to have low bone density, and thus they are at a higher risk of bone fractures. So, it is recommended to consume three servings of yogurt if you wish to preserve the bone mass and strengthen it.

It Can Stop Vaginal Infections

Candida vaginal infections are a common type of problem that women from diabetes suffer. As per the survey was taken, seven diabetic women were given 6 ounces of sweetened yogurt to consume. The study had quite a positive result such that the vaginal pH of the group who consumed yogurt dropped from 6.0 to 4.0. Furthermore, the survey also resulted in the decrease of Candida infections.

It Can Make You Feel Fuller

As per the study that has been taken, people who consumed yogurt consumed fewer calories and thus, they had lower hunger ratings and perhaps higher fullness ratings than any other snacks. Furthermore, it also helped to keep the weight in check.

Daily Serving of Yogurt Can Get Rid of Cold

Take 4 ounces of yogurt each day, and you would find yourself cold free in the coming months. Yogurt has healthy bacteria present in it, and thus it sends signals to the body cells that would indeed fight with harmful bacteria and power up your body. Besides this, allergy sufferers have low levels of T cells that would give relief by adding yogurt to their life.

Yogurt Can Bring Smile to Your Face

Yogurt is indeed an excellent source of protein, and one variety of yogurt can contain more protein than the other variety. Greek yogurt has about 20 grams of protein present in it whereas the traditional yogurt may contain five grams of the protein. If you are looking to consume protein, look for yogurts that provide eight to ten grams serving of protein.

Eating Raw Yogurt Doesn’t Mean it is Good for Health

The yogurt that is present in grocery stores is pasteurized in nature, and they are brought to a high temperature so that they can kill harmful pathogens. Many people feel that eating raw dairy has more health-boosting bacteria present in it but the matter of fact is people who consume fresh yogurt doesn’t have stronger immune or digestive system. Besides this, raw-dairy products carry a lot of risk of food poisoning as it has E.coli and salmonella present in it which can get inside the body through the means of this food.

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